The 42 Weirdest Movies on Osama bin Laden’s Computer

Today, the CIA released a trove of files obtained from Osama bin Laden’s compound when he was killed by US forces in 2011. We knew that bin Laden had some unexpected things on his computer, but we now have a better look at some of the files. Read More >>

Amazon’s ‘Frequently Bought Together’ Suggestions Show Homemade Bomb Ingredients

Amazon's 'frequently bought together' section pops up on any item, showing what other people have purchased alongside the item you're looking at. Sometimes these suggestions are downright bizarre or inappropriate, but, it turns out, they can also be incredibly dangerous. Chemicals with innocent, household uses are being coupled with ingredients that, when combined, can make a homemade explosive device. Read More >>

Facebook ‘Bug’ Automatically Leaked Moderators’ Identities to Suspected Terrorists

Yesterday, Facebook posted a detailed explanation of its counter-terrorism program, defending itself from criticism by European leaders in the wake of recent terror attacks in Britain and France and stating there is “no place on Facebook for terrorism.” But any goodwill earned by that post seems to have lasted less than a day, as a report revealed on Friday that a “bug” affecting more than 1,000 Facebook content moderators inadvertently exposed some of their identities to suspected terrorists. Read More >>

UK and France Look To Fine Social Networks For Extremism

It's no surprise that the new breed of terrorists have taken to social media to spread their messages of hatred. Like any well-organised troupe of trolls, these cowards hide behind anonymous accounts and share their filth online with anyone who will listen. From videos aimed at recruitment to just flat-out terrifying murders, it all ends up online somewhere. Read More >>

Apple Is Helping The UK Government Investigate Terror Attacks

Apple has always been clear: no backdoors to the iPhone or iMessage. That does not, however, mean that the firm is unwilling to help law enforcement. Read More >>

The London Bridge Attack Is Evidence We DON’T Need New Internet Surveillance Laws

"Never let a good crisis go to waste", is an apocryphal quote attributed to Winston Churchill. Real or not, it does neatly describe Theresa May's reaction to the latest London terrorist attack. Read More >>

Thief Stole Backpack and Wedding Ring From Dying Portland Hero After Terrorist Attack

Ricky John Best was one of two men who died at the hands of a white supremacist on a Portland train last week. Best intervened when he saw the terrorist, 35-year-old Jeremy Christian, shouting hateful things at Muslim teen girls on the train. But Best suffered another indignity after being stabbed to death by the unrepentant terrorist: His backpack and wedding ring were stolen off his dead body. Read More >>

Proposed New Anti-Terror Law Could Leave Us Vulnerable To More NHS-Style Hacks

As the world mourns the dead from the Manchester Arena attack, it appears that the government is already preparing an inevitably draconian response. Read More >>

EU Finalising Laws To Remove Extremist Videos From Twitter, YouTube and Facebook

There's always a fine line to tread between freedom of speech and blocking content designed to incite hatred and violence against a specific group or groups of people. The EU is about to enshrine a line of some kind in law though, as it finalises plans to require internet companies to block extreme content. Read More >>

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The Nuclear Security Administration Lost a Film Titled ‘Skull Melting Demonstration’

Back in August, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for a bunch of films held by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). We looked at one yesterday from 1976 about nuclear extortion, and we’ll explore the others in the coming weeks. But there was one that I requested that the NNSA can’t seem to find. The title? “Skull Melting Demonstration.” Read More >>

“Rise Up Against Apple,” MP Tweets From Her iPhone

MP Nadine Dorries is the latest butt of Twitter's jokes after tweeting that "we need to rise up against companies like Apple and Whattsapp [sic]" from her iPhone. Read More >>

Westminster Attack: How Has Our Ability To Fight Terror Changed Since 7/7?

Yesterday London experienced its largest terrorist incident since the 2005. It was 12 years ago when terrorists detonated three bombs on the London Underground Tube network at Edgware Road, Russell Square, and Aldgate, with  one other on a bus outside the British Medical Association at Tavistock Square. Since those devastating attacks, which happened now over a decade ago, terrorism has rarely been out of the news, so it seems pertinent to ask the question: How has London's terror response changed since then? Is London now better equipped to deal with a terrorist attack than it was then? Read More >>

Coded 4chan Post Hinted at Westminster Attack a Day in Advance

Details are still emerging about an attack carried out today outside the Houses of Parliament. As officials try to determine the identity of a suspect who was shot by police, a 4chan thread from less than 24 hours earlier appears to announce the location of the attack that has claimed three lives so far. Read More >>

Twitter and Facebook Randomly Crack Down on Terrorist Videos After EU Warning

Yesterday, Twitter announced it would come together with Facebook, Microsoft and YouTube to stop terrorist content online by creating a shared database of “‘hashes’ — unique digital ‘fingerprints’ — for violent terrorist imagery or terrorist recruitment videos or images that we have removed from our services.” This announcement comes on the heels of a warning the EU issued those four companies—fix your hate speech problem or we’ll make you do it. Read More >>

The US Military’s Training Facility for Fighting Online Terrorism Sounds Bonkers 

The internet has changed the way most things in life work, and war is no exception. In order to keep up with the shifting landscape, the United States military is experimenting with techniques to fight the rise of online terrorism — and it sounds like they’re still figuring it out. Read More >>