Terrorist Who Allegedly Killed 51 People in New Zealand Gets Letter Published to 4Chan From Jail

The white supremacist accused of killing 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, currently has no access to internet, TV, newspapers, and radio. Yet he’s still able to get his hateful ideology out into the world, all thanks to extremists on 4Chan and lax rules about letter writing in New Zealand prisons. Read More >>

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The Nuclear Security Administration Lost a Film Titled ‘Skull Melting Demonstration’

Back in August, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for a bunch of films held by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). We looked at one yesterday from 1976 about nuclear extortion, and we’ll explore the others in the coming weeks. But there was one that I requested that the NNSA can’t seem to find. The title? “Skull Melting Demonstration.” Read More >>

The Police’s Anti-Terror Advice is Basically Hide-And-Seek For Petrified Adults

With authorities all but certain that a Paris-style attack will take place in the UK in the near future, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has issued official advice to help people stay safe. Run, hide and tell are the easy-to-remember key points of the campaign, though Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley also says that people who choose to act on instinct or confront their attackers head-on can't be criticised. Read More >>

UK Police Have Permission to Trample Terror Attack Casualties to Help Take Down Gunmen

Police, medics and firefighters took part in a terrorism-themed mock operation in London’s Square Mile this morning, as part of a massive training exercise. One team of officers armed with AK-47s assumed the role of baddies, storming an office block (and presumably pretending not to be having a great time), while another tried to recapture the building. Read More >>

Encryption as a Scapegoat Argument for the Paris Attacks Looks Even Worse

Law enforcement officials in the US are using the Paris attacks to argue that governmental powers need special access to crack encryption. As we expressed previously, that is a flawed argument, and it’s looking worse as more information comes out about how the attacks went down. Read More >>

Twitter Founder Gets Death Threats for Deleting ISIS Accounts

Twitter employees, including the founder of the social site, are being threatened with death by terror group ISIS, for daring to delete or block accounts associated with 2015's highest profile baddies. Read More >>

Tesco Slashes Price of Unfortunately Named ISIS TVs

Tesco is having a bit of a TV fire sale at the moment, slashing huge chunks off the price of one of its TV ranges. So if you don't mind having an ISIS logo in your lounge, a 22-inch inch LED screen can be found for as little as £64. Read More >>

Report: NSA is Storing Masses of Data From US Citizens and Non-Targets

The Washington Post has published a huge NSA investigation. The findings, sadly, are unsurprising, but the scope is massive: nine out of 10 messages intercepted by the NSA come from regular citizens, not targets, and those private conversations and photos have been living in plain view on NSA databases. Read More >>

Birmingham Terrorists Stole £33,000 by Pretending to be Charity Collectors

A group of Brummie terrorists have been given three months to pay back £33,000, money they stole from members of the public by donning fluorescent jackets and rattling tins while pretending to be collecting for Muslim Aid. But they kept most of it for themselves. Read More >>

Dick Cheney Was Scared of Getting Assassinated by a Heart Hack

Though this sounds like a joke, former US Vice President Don Cheney and his doctors were legitimately scared about him getting assassinated via terrorists hacking into his defibrillator and causing a heart attack. So they turned off the wireless feature so nobody would kill him via heart hack. Read More >>

The Logos of Terrorist Organisations Predictably Love Using Guns

In a book called Branding Terror, Francesco Trivini Bellini and former United Nations counter-terrorism analyst Artur Beifuss compiled the logos and brand identities of terrorist organisations "from al-Qaeda to the Real IRA" and analysed them as they would any logo. It's fascinating to approach the identity of the terrorists from a graphic design perspective. Read More >>

US Government Wants the FBI to Shut Down Hamas Twitter Accounts

Twitter has moved far beyond just being a service you tweet about your lunch on, and along with the many useful services it's a platform for, it can also be a tool for terrorism and violence. At least that's how bits of the US government see it, and that's why they're asking the FBI to shut down Hamas-related Twitter accounts. Read More >>