RIP Tesco Hudl: Why You Should Hunt Down the Super, Cheap Tablet Before it’s Extinct

Tesco's Hudl tablet is no more, with the supermarket chain giving up on the low-cost tablet dream. Which is quite a shame, as the first was a great affordable entry to tablet world and the Hudl 2 was a fine enhancement. Get one quick, before those end of aisle displays disappear, because Hudl does this: Read More >>

Tesco Hudl 2 Review: Fill Your Trolley With This Super-Value Tablet

Remember the shame of being sent to sports day wearing “Two Stripe” knock-off Adidas tracksuit bottoms? You’d be forgiven for thinking that, in a world of iPads, any tablet from Tesco would have a similar stigma attached. You’d also be wrong. Just like the original Hudl, this year’s successor, the Hudl 2, is an absolute bargain, one that’s been built with particular care to keep younger users safe and has been subsidised without forcing Tesco offers down your throat. Read More >>

Tesco Hudl 2 Hands On: Mums and Dads are Going to Love This

Tesco's first Hudl was the ideal second tablet. Affordable at £119 (and ridiculously cheap at £60 if you took advantage of a Tesco Clubcard offer) it held its own with far pricier Android tablets, without being too obnoxious when it came to pushing Tesco's own services. The Hudl 2 carries on in this tradition, managing to up the specs for only a minimal increase in price. Read More >>

Tesco Hudl 2 is Faster, Bigger, Sharper and Costs Just £129

If ever a tablet was a pleasant surprise, it was Tesco’s Hudl. Fast enough, attractive enough and open enough, the Android tablet was a relative steal at its £119 launch price, and was only made more tempting if you used Tesco’s Clubcard points to pull that price to an even lower £60. The Hudl was always going to be difficult to beat on price, so for its Hudl 2 successor, Tesco has focussed on boosting the core experience across the board, without pushing the price up too much at the same time. Read More >>

Huddle Up to the Tesco Hudl 2 Tablet From October 3rd

It may have given up its ambitions in the smartphone sphere, but Tesco's still got its eyes on a larger chunk of the tablet market. After managing to shift more than 500,000 of its Hudl tablet, Tesco has sent invites out to an event on October 3rd, teasing the unveiling of the Hudl 2. Read More >>

Tesco Hudl 2 Incoming as Demand for Original Outweighs Supplies

Tesco's Hudl tablet was a welcome surprise when it launched back in October, being the first own-brand tablet from a UK retailer to not totally suck balls. Cheap as chips, it's proving popular among shoppers too, and Tesco is looking to swiftly capitalise on its success with the Hudl 2. Read More >>