Tesco to Trial Refillable Packaging

Tesco is having a good week. Fresh from reducing the price of Freddos to their original value (temporarily, sob) and creating budget-friendly Valentine's meals, they've announced they'll be participating in a refillable packaging trial. Read More >>

Tesco is Making Freddos Cost 10p Again

Whenever Brits reminisce about the past, there's one topic that gets everyone emotional, no matter their age: the price of Freddos. Read More >>

VW is Going to Help Install 2,500 EV Chargers in Tesco Car Parks

It's 2018, electric cars are a thing, and they're affordable. But some people don't like that the charging points aren't as common as the common petrol station. Especially since it take more than five minutes to re-energise the car. But plenty of work has been done to improve the state of car-charging infrastructure, even if none of it seems to have affected Jeremy Clarkson, and the latest move will see 2,500 of the things hit Tesco car parks up and down the country. Read More >>

Tesco Is Launching A Smartphone For Kids

When a supermarket chain announces it's releasing a new smartphone for kids, we imagine a low-cost, high-colour handset with squishy edges and a catchy name. Read More >>

Tesco Mobile’s Christmas Deals Have Kicked Off… Even Though it’s Only November

Christmas starts earlier every year, we all know this. It's why supermarkets have had Christmas stuff in stock since August, and that may be why Tesco Mobile has launched its Christmas deals a whole two months early. It's like the supermarket-themed network doesn't even care we have to get through the Black Friday deals first. Read More >>

Tesco Scientists Can Tell if You’re Only Pretending to be a Foodie

Tesco is doing something weird to promote its Finest range of supposedly tastier and more aesthetically shaped and packaged foodstuffs, teaming up with arthouse foodies Bompas & Parr to build an edible exhibition. Madder still, everyone's going to pretend that brain scans can tell what foods you really like and can be used to build your very own personal taste portfolio. Read More >>

Tesco Will Leave it to You to Decide if That Carrot Can be Salvaged

Tesco has decided we are all grown up enough to be trusted with something, and is about to remove the "best before" dates from a wide range of the fruit and veg it sells; with the ambition of further reducing food waste. Read More >>

Tesco’s Budget Supermarket, Jack’s, is Open For Business

Earlier this summer, it was rumoured that Tesco would be chasing after Aldi and Lidl by opening its own spin-off budget chain. It seems those rumours were true, as the first Jack's store opens tomorrow. Read More >>

Rumour Has it Tesco is Going After Lidl and Aldi With its Own Discount Stores

Tesco is one of the biggest companies in the UK, and you can tell because there are Tescos everywhere - be they Express, Metro, Regular or Extra. If rumours are to be believed, though, there may be a fifth kind of Tesco hitting the streets. A discount version designed to compete with the likes of Aldi and Lidl. Read More >>

Tesco Tests Cashless Checkouts and Mobile Self-Scanning

Tesco is using an innovation hotbed within its Welwyn Garden City headquarters to test a wholly cashless shopping experience, with staff who shop at the in-house mini Tesco Express using their mobiles to scan their own shopping, and simply walking out with it to leave the apps and passwords and clever things to handle payment in the background. Read More >>

Fire-Sale Alert: Tesco Direct is Sluicing the Junk out of its Warehouses Ahead of July 9 Closure

A machine that cooks chips. A plastic bed with a pink princess on it. Lamps and duvets and curtains and things. That's what you can expect to find in the Tesco Direct pre-shutting clearance sale, should you be bothered enough to sort through the intermixed pages of deals and not-really-deals to find the genuine discounts. Read More >>

Tesco Removes Jolly Fox Hunting Fancy Dress Costume

Tesco has removed a fox hunting costume from sale on its online shopping portal, after anti-hunting campaigners discovered the thing and caused quite the furore about the unfortunate item. Read More >>

Tesco Wants its Staff to Start Eating Leftover Food

Tesco's had an idea about what to do with the spare food that it can't even give away to food charities — get its workers to eat it all. Read More >>

Tesco Delays its Clubcard Changes Until June

Earlier this week, we reported that Tesco had announced it was changing its Clubcard Rewards system – rewards worth 4x the face value of your Clubcard vouchers had been changed to be worth just 3x. Those changes had gone live immediately, but due to a backlash from customers, Tesco has backtracked their decision, giving customers a grace period until June. Read More >>