It Looks Like Tesco is Testing One Hour Deliveries

In this day and age it feels as though having to wait for our deliveries is a breach of our human rights. Even next day delivery isn't enough for some people, which is why one-hour delivery is slowly becoming a thing. That latest company to jump on that bandwagon seems to be Tesco. Read More >>

Tesco is Trialling Digital Receipts

Watching customers fumble with their awkwardly stacked change and receipts is no longer doing it for Tesco staff -- seriously, why’s it always coins on top? -- who have decided to trial a paperless system, similar to the one Argos already offers. Read More >>

Tesco Mobile Could Become a Major UK Operator

Tesco is said to be thinking about ditching O2 and going all-in with its Tesco Mobile joint venture, with sources claiming it's thinking about buying O2's half of the business and becoming a proper mobile network all by itself. Read More >>

Eh? Wonga, Ryanair and Tesco Are Some of the UK’s Most Improved Brands

We shit you not. Despite Tesco’s long, long list of problems and the fact that everyone hates Wonga and Ryanair, the companies appear to have gone up in our estimations. According to the YouGov BrandIndex, the British public have heard a lot more positive things about the three firms of late, so they're being rewarded with a bit more positive press. Read More >>

The Cheapest Place to Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for PC, Xbox One and PS4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was only released earlier this month, but that hasn't stopped retailers from rolling out excellent deals on the smash hit FPS. Incredibly, it's already dropped below the £25 mark at some stores. We've rounded up the best Black Ops 3 deals we can find for PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers. If you're looking for the cheapest place to buy Black Ops 3, aim your sights here. Read More >>

Tesco Turns Away Non-‘Black Friday’ Shoppers, Because it’s All Gone Wrong

You read that correctly. Tesco's been turning away regular grocery shoppers because of Black Friday. Twitter user Chris Brown said he was dismissed by members of staff in Corstorphine because he wasn’t there to take part in the big shopping bonanza. Read More >>

RIP Tesco Hudl: Why You Should Hunt Down the Super, Cheap Tablet Before it’s Extinct

Tesco's Hudl tablet is no more, with the supermarket chain giving up on the low-cost tablet dream. Which is quite a shame, as the first was a great affordable entry to tablet world and the Hudl 2 was a fine enhancement. Get one quick, before those end of aisle displays disappear, because Hudl does this: Read More >>

Grab a Tesco Hudl 2 Now, Before They Sell Out and Never Return

Last week there were rumours, horrible rumours, that Tesco was planning to quietly kill off its Hudl line of tablets. We hoped it was all a pre-Halloween gag, but it's looking like the gossipers were right. Once all remaining stock has been shifted, the supermarket will no longer offer the Hudl or Hudl 2 in-store or online. Read More >>

Tesco Adds “Rapidly Growing” Vinyl Album Section to 55 Branches

A press release from Tesco claims it'll be the first UK market to start selling vinyl records next week, which is true as long as you're young enough not to have bought 7-inch singles from Woolworths in the 1980s. Read More >>

Tesco Self-Service Checkouts Removing Unwanted Voiceovers From Bagging Area

"IT'S THE FUTURE" was most people's somewhat naive initial response to the introduction of self-service checkouts at supermarkets. We were promised fewer queues, quicker purchases and no raised eyebrows from cashiers as two-litre tubs of Vaseline were bought alongside some halibut and a copy of Razzle. Little did we know the hell we were to endure from mandatory over 18 booze ID checks and the dreaded words "unexpected item in bagging area." Read More >>

£99 Tesco Hudl 2 Beats iPad Mini 3 in Serious Speed Test

If you want a fast tablet then it appears that you might be able to save your money, and pick up Tesco's Hudl 2 instead of the much more expensive iPad 3, according to a new test. Read More >>

Tesco Recalls “Disgusting” Apple and Blackcurrant Squash

Tesco's latest crisis involves puking children and an own brand variety of squash that apparently smells like a septic tank. Read More >>

Vodafone May Buy Blinkbox from Tesco

Despite our love of its Hudl 2 tablet, Tesco hasn't had the best of years financially. With £264 million overstated on its profits forecasts, it's had some seriously shaky stock market dealings recently, fuelling rumours that it's to sell off inessential businesses like its Blinkbox video service. Read More >>

Free BT Wi-Fi is Rolling Out to Tesco Supermarkets

Heading to Tesco for the weekly "big shop"? Thanks to a new BT partnership, you'll soon be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi in Tesco supermarkets. [BT] Read More >>

Tesco Slashes Price of Unfortunately Named ISIS TVs

Tesco is having a bit of a TV fire sale at the moment, slashing huge chunks off the price of one of its TV ranges. So if you don't mind having an ISIS logo in your lounge, a 22-inch inch LED screen can be found for as little as £64. Read More >>