Shooting a Tesla Coil Gun is Some Real Ghostbusters Shit

There’s nothing I want to do more in life than to shoot a Tesla coil gun. Seeing those bolts of electricity fly out of that death ray-looking weapon is basically all I’ve ever dreamed about since I’ve watched Ghostbusters, and this Tesla coil gun is the closest thing to a real-life Proton Pack that I’ve ever seen. Read More >>

A Tesla Coil Gatling Gun is the Definitive Weapon of a Mad Scientist

YouTube’s ScienceBob somehow managed to get his hands on 315 small plastic containers that once held something called “photography film”. So he did what any mad scientist would do with such a windfall: use them to build an ethanol-powered, Tesla coil-triggered gatling gun. Read More >>

I’m Not Sure I Trust This Guy With an 80,000 Volt Thor Hammer

We support authentic cosplay as much as the next superhero-loving blog, but this recreation of Thor's Mjolnir hammer that's capable of generating 80,000 arcing volts is just straight-up scary. Read More >>

A Tesla Coil Nerf Gun Might Be The Coolest Nerf Gun Ever

Two things that are always cool: Tesla coils and Nerf guns. One thing that's cooler than those two things: a freaking Tesla coil Nerf gun. That's right. Rob Flickenger converted a Nerf gun into a handheld Tesla coil. Freaking. Sweet. Read More >>