An Architect Wants to Retrofit Battersea Power Station With Tesla Coils

A few weeks ago, the design mag Dezeen reported on a lecture by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels at the Royal Academy in London. During the lecture, Ingels nonchalantly described a plan to turn an Battersea Power Station's ageing chimneys into Tesla coils, if only London would let him. Read More >>

Drone v Tesla
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Here’s a Drone Flying Between Two Tesla Coils

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you sent a metal-cage-enclosed quadrotor soaring between two Tesla coils? Of course you have. And here lies your answer, in all its highly dangerous, lightning-spewing, nightmare-inducing glory. Read More >>

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Tesla Coils Make Everything Cooler, Including Back in Black

What happens when you combine AC/DC's Back in Black; two Tesla coils; a robot drummer, a wall of Tetris, and Adam Savage from Mythbusters? A totaly awesome electro geek-out, that's what. Read More >>

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High-Energy Guru Is Building the World’s Biggest Tesla Coils

You don't have a Tesla coil? And you call yourself a mad scientist. You should take a lesson from electrical engineer Greg Leyh and build yourself a pair of them 36m tall. That'll show those fools who laughed at you in evil medical school, that will show them all!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!! *Lightning Crash* Read More >>

Can You Imagine This 10-Storey-High Lightning Machine That Covers An Entire Football Field?

Insane. There's no other adjective that can describe this mad project. A mad project that is perfectly doable: two 10-storey Tesla Coil towers separated by 260 feet. They will be capable of unleashing the energy of natural lightning. Read More >>