Model 3s Could Hit the Left-Hand Parts of Europe by February

Elon Musk has said something normal and sensible and not about what Wi-Fi speeds his geodesic Mars pod is going to be enjoying, updating the Tesla fans of the world about plans for his cheaper Model 3 electric car in Europe. Read More >>

Elon Musk Worries That Babies are Built More Efficiently Than Teslas

Tesla had an earnings call yesterday, one which was fairly typical for a Tesla earnings call. Except for the part where Elon Musk tried to relate the human gestational period to Tesla’s production cycle. Read More >>

Report: Tesla’s Model 3 Displays Will Be Provided By LG

The Model 3’s ultra-streamlined dashboard design was the breakout star of the recent big reveal: No gauges, no monitors behind the steering wheel, just a single horizontal screen to the driver’s right. And according to a Reuters story, LG is supplying that screen. Read More >>

Six Electric Car-Share Programmes Better Than a Billion Teslas on the Road

Tesla is finally taking the wraps off the Model 3, its first mass-market electric vehicle (EV). The car is expected to push EVs into the mainstream and reduce carbon emissions around the world. The only downside? Many cities don’t have enough charging stations to support widespread adoption of such vehicles. Read More >>

Dear Tesla: Evading Environmental Laws for a New Factory is No Good for Anyone

Tesla Motors is planning a so-called Gigafactory, an enormous battery plant to supply the company's upcoming high-volume Model 3. California wants that factory bad, offering to waive its environmental regulations to win the bid. That's bad news—for Tesla, for California, for you and me, and for the future of electric cars. Read More >>