Elon Musk Suggests That Tesla Could Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Electricity System With Solar And Batteries

Puerto Rico hasn't had a great time of it recently, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria large portions of the country's power infrastructure is in disarray. A lot of effort has been done to provide aid, particularly from Elon Musk who had Tesla ship solar panels and Powerwall batteries to bring power back to the population. Read More >>

Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Thomas Edison in the New Trailer For The Current War

We’re all familiar with Nikola Tesla and his brilliant work helping to invent the electric technologies that we live with today. But did you know that there’s a guy named Thomas Edison who also helped invent some of that tech? If you didn’t, you should check out the new trailer for the upcoming movie, The Current War. Read More >>

Elon Musk Announces Tesla Model 3 Will Start Delivery On Friday

When he’s not waxing poetic about floors and digging giant holes in the ground, Elon Musk runs an electric car company. Late Sunday night, he tweeted the biggest news yet in Tesla’s short history. The Model 3, a more affordable Tesla, will roll off the assembly line on Friday. Read More >>

Adorable Kitten Mysteriously Appears Inside Tesla Bumper

Imagine you’re this guy. You wake up on a Saturday morning, and your Tesla is meowing. You do not have a cat. But there is definitely a cat inside of your car’s bumper. What do you do? Make a YouTube video, obviously. Read More >>

Tesla Fires Female Engineer Who Alleged Sexual Harassment and Wage Discrimination

Tesla fired a female engineer this week, just months after she publicly raised concerns about sexual harassment and wage discrimination at the company. AJ Vandermeyden sued Tesla last year and went public with her allegations in a February interview with the Guardian, but continued working at Tesla until her firing this week. Read More >>

Tesla’s HR Head is Out Amidst Complaints Over Discrimination and Unsafe Working Conditions

Tesla is bringing in a new leader for its human resources unit. Although the company hasn’t given a specific reason for the change, it comes amidst a flurry of complaints about workplace culture at Tesla’s California factory. Over the past few months, workers have reported an unusually high rate of injuries and incidents at the plant, and have also alleged racial and gender discrimination in lawsuits. Read More >>

Apple Doesn’t ‘Need’ to Buy Anything

With a market cap that is, as of this writing, hovering around $800 billion and more than $250 billion in cash, Apple is fucking loaded. Not even its decidedly flat earnings report last week can change the fact that it is the most valuable publicly traded company of all time. Read More >>

Elon Musk Tweets and Immediately Deletes That ‘The Muslim Immigration Ban Is Not Right’

Unlike Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Elon Musk still warms a seat on Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum. It’s part of playing the game, we suppose, and Musk himself has framed his choice to remain a voice in the administration as a means of getting more moderate opinions into the President’s ear. Maybe he forgot about all that? Read More >>

Elon Musk Responds to Claims of Low Pay, Injuries and Anti-Union Policies at Tesla Plant

Tesla’s effort to bring electric cars to the world has often felt like science fiction in real life. CEO Elon Musk’s continued defense of and association with the decided anti-science Trump administration has cracked that illusion somewhat, but an alleged employee’s impassioned post on the car company’s working conditions seems intent on shattering it completely. Read More >>

IBM Remains Spineless as 31 More Companies Oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban

The list of companies opposing President Trump’s discriminatory Muslim travel ban has grown. Late yesterday, 31 companies added their names to an amicus brief opposing the ban, claiming that it hurts business. The total is now 127 companies, but there’s still one high profile tech company that hasn’t grown a backbone: IBM. Read More >>

growing up
Mr. Motors Was My Father’s Name, Please, Call Me Tesla

Joining the great ranks of icons like Rihanna and Aristotle, Tesla is growing up and dropping its last name. On Wednesday, the company officially changed its name from “Tesla Motors” to “Tesla Inc” as its leader, human macadamia nut Elon Musk, focuses on shifting the company from just electric cars to a multitude of clean energy solutions. Read More >>

Things Are Going Insanely Well for Elon Musk Since Trump Got Elected

Tesla Motors shares have surged more than 40 per cent since December as Bloomberg notes in a new report. The price of Tesla stock isn’t the only thing looking dandy for Elon Musk under the Trump presidency. Read More >>

Damn, Apple Is Losing a Lot of People to Tesla

A spate of top engineers have left Apple for Tesla and other companies over the last few months. What’s going on? Read More >>

EU Carmakers Team up to Triple Tesla’s Charging Power

BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and Daimler are planning their own European supercharger network to help refill the electric cars of the future, with the current plan, the invention of technology permitting, being to create a grid of 350 kilowatt chargers -- that's nearly three times the charging capacity of the Tesla cars' supercharger. Read More >>

Tesla to Take Its Biggest Step Toward Fully Autonomous Cars Today

Yesterday, Elon Musk tweeted that an update that enables Tesla’s most advanced autopilot functions will roll out to the entire fleet today. The HW2 software will be fully functional in 1000 cars and run in “shadow mode” for the rest while data continues to be collected. Read More >>