Einstein’s Theory Passes a Massive Test

The most basic physical laws you’ve learned—those drafted up by Isaac Newton in the 17th century—don’t work for everything. Once you try to applying them to really fast things moving nearly at the speed of light or things heavier than stars, they start to fall apart. That’s where Albert Einstein’s expanded theory of motion and gravity, the theory of general relativity, comes in. Read More >>

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Exam Tweeters Enable Cheaters

Parents expressing exasperation at some of the questions their kids are facing in exams are accidentally enabling cheating, with the Department for Education now actively scouting social networks to ask parents to stop giving away hints as to the content of test papers. Read More >>

London’s Uber Drivers Will Have to Take an English Exam

Uber has lost a court case in which it wanted to stop its London drivers -- and all private hire drivers working in the city -- from being forced to take English language tests, so now the fleet of semi-casual carsmiths must take some sort of writing test to see if they can perform to the required level of offensive chit-chat. Read More >>

At-Home Fertility Test Turns Your Smartphone Into World’s Squirmiest Sea-Monkey Tank

It’s one thing to hear about Michael Phelps winning a gold medal. It’s quite another to actually see him do it. Read More >>

Preston Launches Free Drug-Check Booths for Clubbers

Nightclubs and pubs in Preston have been given approval to offer in-house drug testing stations, with the city centre letting clubbers have a serious person in a white coat test the substance they're about to inhale, eat, or stick up their bottoms for a quick pick me up. Read More >>

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VHS Tapes Were Awesome, But Were They Bad? An Investigation

I have to take issue with the title of this video, VHS tapes were not “bad.” They were awesome. They were incredible little movie-playing contraptions that snapped, rolled and clunked, and they smelled weird. But yes, it is worth putting their image quality to the test, so let this video walk you through it in the hi-def era. Read More >>

Do You Know More Than 42,000 English Words? Take This Test to See if You Comboblify

The average American knows around 42,000 dictionary words, they say. We've got to do better than that, seeing as we invented them all and all America has contributed is a few random extra Ls to confuse us on the internet. Read More >>

Does Playing Loud Music Drain Your Battery Faster?

Of all the things your smartphone can do, playing music is one of the least demanding. Listening to a song puts very little strain on the CPU, doesn’t require GPS, and often doesn’t require wi-fi (so long as the music files are stored on your phone). Simple physics says that listening to louder music should use up battery faster, but I still wanted to know exactly how much. Read More >>

Could YOU Answer Today’s SATs English Questions?

Fun for all the family site SATs 2016 has published a sample key stage 2 SATs English test to give everyone a taste of what the country’s youngsters have to put up with before, well, before they’re able to play around and get into trouble, like kids are supposed to. So go on, lock yourself away for a bit, put 10 minutes on the clock and don't even think about cheating. Read More >>

Watch Out! Major Uni Bans All Forms of Wristwatches From Exams

Back in my day, schools used to recommend bringing a watch into tests so you’d keep track of the time. But now, the rise of smartwatches could lead to a flat-out ban of all timepieces for test-takers, if the latest rule at a major university in Japan is any indication. Read More >>

Oh, We May Have Lied About Fuel Consumption and CO2 Too, Says Volkswagen

Volkswagen has added another 800,000 vehicles to its suspect data list, with the carmaker announcing that a new fiddle -- this time involving CO2 levels and possibly also including cars with petrol engines -- has been uncovered. Read More >>

Report: Samsung TVs Use More Power in Real Life Than in Efficiency Tests

A series of tests by EU-funded research group ComplianTV suggest that Samsung TVs use more power in real-life conditions than they do when undergoing efficiency tests. Read More >>

School Test Results Improve After Banning Mobile Phones

Researchers mapping exam test results and school mobile phone bans have some bad news for the student population of the UK, with data suggesting that schools that ban mobiles can expect to see test results rocket by a whopping 6.4 per cent. Read More >>

Home HIV Testing Kit Now on Sale in the UK

BioSure has launched the first home HIV testing kit in the UK, letting concerned folk test for signs of the deadly condition by popping a few drops of blood on a strip without needing to attend a doctor's surgery or send the sample off to a lab. Read More >>

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Apple Watch Battery Life Breakdown: How Long Will it Last?

Apple has explained some of the methodology behind the way it calculated that 18-hour battery life claim that comes alongside the Apple Watch, suggesting you'll make it for longer with a usable lump on your wrist if you calm down on the impulsive checking of things. Read More >>