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The Complete Guide to Tethering From Your Phone or Tablet When You Don’t Have Wifi

Phone or tablet tethering can give you some precious internet connectivity when you’re out of wifi range, and in terms of connecting on the go, it’s much more secure than the public wifi you’ll find in hotels, coffee shops, and so on. Here’s how to do it, simply and painlessly, whether you’ve got Android or iOS on your mobile device. Read More >>

Three’s New 30GB Data Tariff is as Close to Unlimited Tethering as We’re Getting

Three has announced its new 30GB data tariff, which will be available to customers on both contract handsets and SIM-only plans. The mobile operator says that customers on the new plan won't be crippled by tight tethering restrictions, but will be able to splash out all 30GB of mobile data on their other devices, such as laptops and tablets. Ahhh. Read More >>

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Get This iPhone App With Secret Tethering Powers While You Can

FlashArmyKnife in the iOS App Store has secret built-in powers that will allow you to tether you iPhone to a computer for no extra charge. The app costs £1.49, while using your iPhone's data connection on a separate device would cost you a monthly fee. Read More >>

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Download This iPhone Tethering App Before It Gets Pulled from the App Store

If you want an iPhone tethering app, go download DiscoRecorder, a £1.49 'voice recorder' app that 9to5Mac says comes with a hidden tethering feature. Yep, that means you can get your computer onto the Internet with your iPhone's data connection. Sweet. Read More >>

You’ll Soon Be Able to Wi-Fi Tether Your Nokia Lumia

Good news Lumia owners -- you’ll soon be able to tether your Lumia 800 or 710 for a bit of mobile broadband on-the-go, if the networks don’t crush it of course. Nokia’s announced that it’s bringing the personal hotspot capability that’s baked into most smartphones these days as an update to its current line, while its new Lumia 900 flagship will launch with it. Read More >>

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Download This iPhone Tethering App Before It Gets Pulled

Need an iPhone tethering app? For £1.49 (and likely a very limited time only), you can download QuasiDisk, a file viewing app that can also share a connection over a proxy. TheNextWeb says it takes a fair amount of tweaking to get it working, but it does work. [iTunes via TheNextWeb; Image via Preetam Rai Read More >>

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iTether App Slips Through Apple’s Approval Process and Tethers Your Phone For £10.49 Without Jailbreaking

Your network trying to charge you for tethering your iPhone? Not so keen on paying another fee to use that data allowance you've already paid for? There's an app for that, and you don't even need to jailbreak. Read More >>