Alligator With Knife Stuck in Its Head Seen in Lake in Texas

A Texas woman says she recently witnessed an alligator with what appeared to be some kind of knife stuck in its head swimming in a local lake, a situation she says she believes may have been a purposeful act. Read More >>

Incompetent Thieves Steal Shark From San Antonio Aquarium By Disguising It as a Baby

Security footage caught three people stealing a grey horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas in a plot that would be comically stupid were it not likely to result in harm to the animal, with police taking into custody one person of interest and expecting to charge two others, according to the San Antonio Express News. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Begins Installation of His Bonkers 10,000 Year Clock

Depending on the day, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is either the richest or second richest human on Earth. And while he’s trying to figure out how to use some of that money philanthropically, he announced today that construction has begun on the giant clock in the middle of nowhere that he put up $42 million to build. The 10,000 Year Clock is intended as a symbolic reminder that we should consider the long-term impact of our actions. Read More >>

hurricane harvey
Harvey is Back Out to Sea But Not Finished Yet

Harvey inflicted catastrophic damage this past weekend, decimating the Texas coast as a Category 4 Hurricane, dumping feet of rain and bringing massive floods. But it’s still a Tropical Storm, and it is not finished yet. Read More >>

hurricane harvey
Hurricane Harvey Drone Footage is Absolutely Heartbreaking

We’ve all seen plenty of heartbreaking images from Texas this weekend, as vicious floods continue to destroy lives and property in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. But some of the most chilling footage has been taken from the sky, as hobby drones in the region document the devastation that’s still taking place. Read More >>

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Watch a Master Magician Slice an Olive by Throwing a Playing Card

Ninjas are stereotypically known for their expertise with shuriken, also known as throwing stars. But while Rick Smith Jr. spends his days as a professional magician, we’re going to assume his nights are spent as a crime-fighting ninja who uses throwing cards instead of pointy stars. Read More >>

Preschoolers Hospitalised After School Science Experiment Goes Wrong

Twelve students at a Houston preschool were injured on Tuesday when a class science experiment didn’t go as planned. Most reportedly had minor burns but seven of the students had to be rushed to a local hospital. Read More >>

Police Say Pokémon Go Murder Video Is Hoax

An Uber driver was livestreaming Pokémon Go this weekend when he said that he saw someone push a dead body out of car. Now the driver has reportedly been fired from Uber and a member of the local police believes it’s a hoax. And it only gets weirder from there. Read More >>

Texas Man Buys Dam Online To Protect Home From Flooding, And It Worked

As thousands were evacuated across multiple counties in Texas due to horrible flooding, one man and his family are living high and dry thanks to something he bought on the internet. Read More >>

Nobody Knows Why Giant Piles of Worms Mysteriously Lined Up in Texas

After floods hit Denison, Texas last week, park rangers were mystified to find stringy clumps dotting the rain-soaked streets in inexplicably organised lines. It was no pasta-based apres-flood prank. It was just piles of living, squiggling worms. Read More >>

Cool Texas Megachurch Explains How Predator Drones are Just Like God

It sees your every move. It can stamp out your life in a millisecond. You can neither see nor hear it, but it's always above you. Watching. If you're struggling to understand God, allow a Dallas pastor to offer a more relatable metaphor: Drones. Read More >>

The World’s First Commercial Space Launchpad is to be in South Texas

Elon Musk has announced that Space X is to build the world's first commercial space launchpad near Brownsville in south Texas, reportedly America's most impoverished region. Read More >>

With a Police Sketch Like This, They’ll Have No Trouble Catching the Criminal

Lamar County Sheriff's Department, Texas, is on the hunt for a mugger. Have you seen this man? No, of course you haven't. Read More >>

36-Gigapixel Image Captures Ancient Petroglyphs in Texas

The work of photographer Mark Willis combines advanced imaging and fabrication technologies with archaeological exploration, often producing breath taking images, 3D models, and highly accurate virtual environments from ancient sites in the U.S. Southwest. Read More >>