Obama Can Mass-Text Message Everyone in the US at Any Time

The President of the United States can mass-message his entire phone-carrying nation at the same time whenever he deems it necessary, a Wall Street Journal video has reminded us. Read More >>

Hackers Can Force ATMs to Spit Out Money With a Text Message

It's getting remarkably easy to hack ATMs these days, and security researchers say that Microsoft's aging Windows XP is making the problem worse. This week, security analysts at Symantec blogged about a new technique popping up in Mexico that uses text messages to give hackers access. It's as wild as it sounds. Read More >>

MH370 Families Notified of Sad Fate by Text and Social Media, But What Do You Think Would’ve Been More Appropriate?

In this hyper-connected age, we're used to getting information in an instant. When you're solving a pub argument over a beer that's great, but, as our readers have discussed in relation to flight MH370, there are also certain situations where the immediacy of a text or email can seem cold compared to face-to-face human contact. Read More >>

Stoke-on-Trent Attempting to Curb Obesity with Motivational Text Messages

The UK's number of obese people is on the rise, and is set to cause quite a strain on the NHS if something isn't done to prevent it. Taking a slightly-unorthodox (if forward-thinking) approach is Stoke-on-Trent council. It is hoping the power of the text message will get people up, out and exercising. Read More >>

This iPhone Prank Tricks People Into Thinking They’re Getting a Text

You know the feeling. You and a friend are having a conversation via text and the little bubble with the blinking dots shows up indicating that she's typing. So much anticipation! You'd stare at those dots for hours waiting for a text, wouldn't you? Wouldn't it be funny if the dots just kept blinking? Read More >>

Google’s Hangouts Chat World Will Soon Pull in SMS Messages

Google's attempt to assimilate the communications of the world will soon take a huge step forward, with a company staff member unofficially suggesting that text messages will soon slot themselves into its Hangouts cross-platform chat suite. Read More >>

The Future of Texting Is a Mess

SMS messaging turned 20 years old the other day, and feels even older. It's decrepit, though, wildly overpriced, and too limited to be our long-term texting solution. Read More >>

What’s the Worst Accidental Text You’ve Ever Sent or Received?

The above photo is a real example of texting gone horribly wrong. Morbid and hilarious for us, but uncomfortable for the him (or her). And it just brings up so many questions. Read More >>

Idiots Ask Ad Standards Body if “Forever” Actually Means “Forever”

A T-Mobile advert claiming to offer users "unlimited free texts forever" has been investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority, after two people queried the existential issue of whether something can really be proven to last "forever." Read More >>

Why I Never Want To Get a Text Message Ever Again

A few years ago texting was the bomb. It was quick, easy, way better than having to open yourself up to an actual back-and-forth conversation with someone, and perfect for surreptitious communication in class or meetings or whathaveyou. That said, I'd be glad to never get a text message ever again. Read More >>

17-Year-Old Speed-Texting Champion Does it Drrrty

17-year-old Justin Bieber look-alike Austin Wierschke, of Rhinelander, Wisconsin (and a native of the United Kingdom?), is £32,000 richer today—thanks to his speedy-quick thumbs and unfailingly accurate dexterity. He's a two-time prize-winning SMS champion, ladies and gents, the fastest in our great nation. Read More >>

Tens of Thousands of People Receive Same Text Message Death Threat

A text message from a self-proclaimed hitman was sent to thousands of people in Australia. It warned them to not contact the police, under threat of death. So naturally they all called the cops and caused a mini-panic. Read More >>

A Way To Organise Your Phone’s SMS Text Mess

Even with iMessages, BBM, Google Talk, and the other mobile IM clients out there, most of us still use plain old SMS text messages to do the bulk of our, well, texting. MySMS is a new service that gives texting a lot of the benefits of higher tech forms of communication. Read More >>

No signal
Your Text Messages Not Getting Through? O2 Has Crapped Out For Some People

It seems O2's been suffering issues with its network for the last 24 hours. Text messages are apparently bouncing with an infuriating "network out of order" message. Read More >>

Facebook May Have Read Your Phone’s Text Messages

Let's take a healthy sodium-dose here, but London's Sunday Times is alleging that Facebook has admitted to reading users' text messages. They supposedly read the private SMS messages of users who downloaded the Facebook app on their smartphones. Read More >>