I’m Happy to Judge These Animated Vintage Textbooks By Their Hypnotic Covers

Artist Henning M. Lederer has once again brought to life a collection of vintage book covers from the ‘60s and ‘70s by transforming their abstract designs into funky animations. Read More >>

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These Animated Vintage Textbooks Would Make School Feel Like an Acid Trip

Secondary school is that boring stepping stone in life between primary school (when you have "play time" twice a day) and college (where you can skip class without getting in trouble). But wouldn’t getting your GCSEs be far more enjoyable if the minimalist covers on your textbooks were turned into trippy animations you could stare at through every class? Read More >>

One of the World’s First Modern Physics Textbooks Just Sold For Over £610,000

Remember how you spent half your time at university complaining about how expensive textbooks were? It could’ve been much worse. A few weeks ago, a copy of Galileo’s Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations Relating to Two New Sciences sold at auction for just over £610,500. Thankfully, the text is no longer required reading. Read More >>

Publisher Accidentally Puts Porn Star on a Maths Textbook

Lazy Googling strikes again! A Thai textbook publisher had to recall 3,000 copies of a maths textbook after it was discovered that one of the photos on the book's cover came from a porn movie. Won't somebody please think of the children? Read More >>

A Story About Apple and Textbooks

It was almost definitely not the first time Apple thought about how to revolutionise textbooks and education, but Joe Peters and a couple of Apple interns won its annual iContest, "sort of an American Idol for great ideas that gives interns a chance to present their best thoughts to executives," by presenting a plan for cheap digital textbooks to enthusiastic Apple execs back in 2008, two years before the iPad was loosed on the world. Read More >>

Here’s What It’s Like to Read Apple’s Brand New iPad Textbooks

You may not be able to afford it, but Apple's textbook transformation is pretty neat. Its hands-on time, class. Find a cozy seat, use your indoor voices, and read along with Gizmodo. Today's lesson: Science! Read More >>

iBooks 2’s Instant Flash Cards Are Pure Apple Magic

It's hard to get excited about textbooks, until you see something like this: Apple just made the notecards obsolete forever. No more index cards, no more boxes — no paper. iBooks 2 turns your reading habits into instant study help. Read More >>

Apple’s iBook 2 Textbooks Arrive Today (Updated)

Algebra, Biology, Geometry — these have never been particularly exciting words when it comes to textbooks, but that could change today. Apple's attempt at reinventing learning is officially online and ready for browsing — with each title offered at only $15 in the US (UK pricing has yet to be confirmed). Read More >>

Apple’s iPad Textbooks: Everything You Need to Know About iBooks 2

Steve Jobs wanted to do to education what he did for music, phones and tablet computers. Apple's new textbooks was his Next Big thing (or one of them). They want to change the way students access education material with their new iBooks 2. Read More >>

Is Apple Set to “Digitally Destroy” Textbooks This Thursday?

Ahead of Thursday's NYC education event, Ars Technica reports via a leak source that Apple plans to announce a simpler way for authors to create and publish ebooks as well as iBook's adoption of the ePub3 standard. Read More >>