Here’s How Google is Hoping to Speed Up its Big Upgrade to SMS

RCS, or Rich Communication Services was supposed to be the messaging protocol that banished SMS to the dark ages and upgraded today’s texting experience with modern features like read receipts, better multimedia sharing, way bigger character limits, and more. Read More >>

I Miss Texting With T9

Smartphones have made plenty of tech obsolete. Yet every time I get a buzz for a text, I can’t help but feel a deep yearning for the old glory days of T9 texting. Read More >>

saudi arabia
Saudi Arabia Will Now Notify Women by Text If They’ve Been Divorced

Women in Saudi Arabia – who have long been subjected to a litany of misogynistic restrictions on their behaviour, including totalitarian male guardianship laws – will soon receive text messages to inform them of changes to their marital status as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s “reforms” of the country’s monarchic government, CNN reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Dead Man’s Text Message Isn’t a Legally Valid Will, French Court Says

A French man going through a divorce reportedly sent a text to his sister saying that he wanted their mum to inherit part of his estate instead of his wife. But when he later died by suicide, the family’s solicitor didn’t include the text message as part of the final will—a decision recently reaffirmed in a court of law. Read More >>

A Bug in Samsung’s Default Texting App Is Sending Random Pics to Other People

Sending pictures to others is one of the most basic functions of a smartphone, but when your phone’s texting app starts randomly pushing out photos without your knowledge, you got a problem. Read More >>

The Txt Msg Trns 25 2day

Back in 1992 the world was a very different place. The world wide web was in its infancy, mobile phones were the size of actual bricks, and text messaging wasn't a thing. Or at least it wasn't until 3rd December. That's right, on this day 25 years ago the text message was born. Read More >>

Honolulu May Soon Ban Texting While Crossing the Road Like a Dumbass

You already know that texting and driving is against the law, but for a few years now cities across the US have considered making texting while crossing the road illegal. Honolulu is one of those cities. Read More >>

Marc Andressen Sent Cheeky Texts to Mark Zuckerberg During Facebook Investors Call

Marc Andreessen is under fire after playing both sides of an important decision made at Facebook earlier this year. A new Bloomberg report cites recently unsealed court documents from a lawsuit filed against the company’s board of directors. In the suit, shareholders accuse Andreessen of advising CEO Mark Zuckerberg when he was supposed to be representing the interest of investors. Read More >>

How to Avoid Your Autocorrect Duck-Ups

You know what’s really ducking annoying? When your phone changes the work “fuck” into “duck” or “fucking” into “ducking.” It happens all the time, and it’s ducking bullshit. Read More >>

A Guide to Apple’s Radically Reimagined Messages App

At WWDC, Apple showed of a crazy new version of Messages. Feeling pressure from other messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Google’s new Allo, Apple has completely reimagined its app for the youths. In just the few days we’ve spent with iOS 10’s developer preview, we’ve found more than a dozen new features just within Messages alone. It’s likely more are coming. Read More >>

iMessage for Android Would Change Everything

As is tradition, some last-minute rumours are sneaking their way into the news before Apple’s big reveal on Monday morning in San Francisco. We already have a good idea what of what we think is coming, but this latest bit that says iMessage is coming to Android is very intriguing. Read More >>

Google Wants to Replace SMS With a Better Messaging Platform 

Texting is long overdue for a makeover. The simple, utilitarian Short Message Service (SMS) has served our messaging needs well for more than a decade, but as our texts become increasingly crammed with photos, videos, and more, it’s clear that SMS can no longer meet the needs of the average smartphone user. That’s where Rich Communications Services (RCS) comes in: the much-better platform that Google wants to put on your phone. Read More >>

Email Is the New Generation Gap

Two weeks ago, Giz US surveyed 3,670 people online about how they communicate. They discovered a remarkable difference between people over 41, who say they often talk on email more than they do in real life, and younger people who love in-person meetings and use a variety of apps. Is this our first digital generation gap? Read More >>

Turn Off Read Receipts

Rumour has it, Apple wants to give you the option to use read receipts on a contact-by-contact basis in iMessage. This is a dreadfully bad idea that will undoubtedly destroy relationships, estrange friends, and piss off teens. Why? Because read receipts are awful, and making them more sophisticated is bullshit. Read More >>

Bacon, Selfie, and 36 Other Brand-New Emoji are on the Way

It has already been a great year for emoji. Apple recently began supporting a refresh of certain characters, including more racially and gender-diverse people as well as a few new emoji like an Apple Watch and a taco. Now a 💣🐚: 38 brand-new emoji are coming! Read More >>