London Underground Will Offer Some 4G Coverage by Next Year

Transport for London (TfL) has pledged that the entire tube network will have 4G connectivity by the mid 2020s. Read More >>

TfL Just Launched an On-Demand Bus Service in One Area of London

When it comes to transport much of the news comes out of London. Mainly because it's an area with too many people, and the infrastructure is needed to ferry them about the city without causing chaos. But some areas of London are better served than others, and Transport for London s hoping to do something for the people in areas where the transport system is a little lacking. So it's launched a new on-demand bus service in Sutton as part of a year-long trial. Read More >>

The Northern Line Has the Most Poo, Wee, Blood and Sick

Everyone who lives in London knows the tube can be a bit grim, but just how grim has been laid bare in new stats from Transport for London (TfL). Read More >>

New Tube Seats Remind Passengers ‘Not All Disabilities Are Visible’

Giz UK's Good Guy of the Day Award goes to Transport for London, whose new designs for the priority seats on the underground go some way to reminding people how to be decent human beings. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Wants TfL to Take Over London’s Railways

The state of Britain's railways is lamented in angry social media posts every day of the week, yet progress and change is slower than the 10.06 to Ebbsfleet. Read More >>

Citymapper’s Oyster Card Rival Has Opened to Early Adopters

The Citymapper Pass we reported on last week has opened up to early signups this morning, and it's an interesting proposition. Read More >>

The Air On The London Underground is Really, Really Bad

Everyone knows we've got air quality problems in London, but it might surprise you to hear that the air on the underground is even worse. Read More >>

The Tube Will Be Free On New Year’s Eve Again

It's almost that time again: pet-terrifying fireworks, insanely overpriced drinks and an overloaded mobile network. That's right, it's the magic that is New Year's Eve! Read More >>

Uber Loses Exemption To The London Congestion Charge

More bad news for Uber -- or its 'partner-drivers', more realistically -- its vehicles will no longer be exempt from the London Congestion Charge as of April. Read More >>

Crossrail To Get £1.4 Billion Bailout

Surprising nobody who's ever worked on a large-scale project with lots of stakeholders, Crossrail is going to be very late and very over budget. Read More >>

Looks Like The Piccadilly Line’s Getting Those Sliding Platform Doors

Ever wondered why only the Jubilee line has the sliding doors on the platform that stop you getting blasted by wind Marilyn Monroe-style whenever the trains come in? Read More >>

Adidas Has Made A Shoe For Every Tube Line

Adidas loves its trainer collaborations, and despite having done one with Transport for London just a month ago to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Oyster card, they've somehow prepared another entire line of tube shoes. Read More >>

facial recognition
London Tech Trial Will 3D Scan Passengers To See If They’ve Touched In

Updated 27/11: a previous version of this article incorrectly stated that facial recognition would be trialled in London. This is not the case. The article has now been updated to restore accuracy. Read More >>

black friday
Even The London Transport Museum’s Having A Black Friday Sale

If there's one thing Black Friday's good for, it's getting cool Christmas presents for your friends and family for a bit less than usual. Read More >>

Only 5 Years to Wait ‘Til the Night Tube Comes to 4 More Lines

Every silver lining has a cloud: Transport for London has confirmed the Night Tube service will be coming to a bunch more lines, but not until 2023. Read More >>