Only 5 Years to Wait ‘Til the Night Tube Comes to 4 More Lines

Every silver lining has a cloud: Transport for London has confirmed the Night Tube service will be coming to a bunch more lines, but not until 2023. Read More >>

People Faint More on the Tube on Mondays

An "alarming" number of people have been fainting on the tube during rush hour, and it's not because they'd been on the lash the night before – it's happening more on Mondays than any other day. Read More >>

All Aboard the Tube Trainers: Adidas Reveals London Underground Shoes

The London Underground visual identity is one of the few things called 'iconic' that actually is, so it's no surprise that a whole bunch of merch exists. Read More >>

TfL is Working on Tiny, Affordable Homes in London

Transport for London has announced a partnership with 'starter homes for city makers' company Pocket Living, in order to create a swathe of "100% genuinely affordable homes" in London. Read More >>

Transport for London Launches Bus Passenger Tracking Trial

Transport for London, the body which operates the capital's public transport, has today announced that from tomorrow, it will be starting a new automatic passenger counting trial on buses, which it says could lead to better bus journeys in the future. Read More >>

This Clever Tool Will Tell You How Many Londoners Share Your Commute

Have you ever squeezed on to the Tube in the morning and got a sense of déjà vu? If you look up from your phone and into the dead-eyed faces of the other commuters, don't some of them seem... a little familiar? That might be because in a city of eight million people, some of them are the same people day in, day out. Read More >>

Transport for London Has New Rules for Uber and Other Ride-Sharing Services

Transport for London has just released a brand new policy statement for ride-sharing services operating in the city, including Uber. A lot of the stuff in the six-page document is just a rehash of old regulations, but some of it will mean some changes might be needed - including things like better driver conditions, better accessibility for passengers, and an option for women-only rides with UberPool and other similar services. Read More >>

Open Tube And Bus Data Has Boosted London’s Economy

Cracking open transport data and letting developers play with it has boosted London's economy to the tune of £130m every year, according to new research. Read More >>

Uber Has Officially Launched an Appeal Against its London Licence Loss

Uber was denied an licence renewal last month, meaning it's unable to operate in London. We all know that because we've heard it a billion times already. We also know that an appeal may help reverse the decision, and should, at the very least, be allowed to operate until the conclusion of the appeals process. Well now Uber is finally getting round to filing that appeal. Read More >>

Could Tube Wifi Data Be Used To Identify And Track Individuals?

On the 15th September, London sadly became the target of terror again. At around 8:20am, there was an explosion on board a packed District Line train at Parsons Green station. Mercifully, no one was killed - though 30 people were taken to hospital for treatment, mostly for burns. Over the weekend that followed, there was an enormous manhunt looking for the suspected perpetrators, and the terror threat level was raised to “critical” whilst the police did their thing. At the time of writing, unsurprisingly, the case is ongoing. Read More >>

Apparently Uber is Willing to Make a Deal to Get its London Licence Back

Last week came with some pretty shocking news. Transport for London announced (in a tweet, of all places) that it would not be renewing Uber's licence. That meant that once Uber's current licence expired on 30th September (aka this Saturday) the taxi company that insists it isn't a taxi company would not be allowed to operate within the city. Read More >>

Hey London, Uber Needs Fixing – Not Banning

Like many people, I am a hypocrite. I advocate for the most right-on causes. I think we should protect workers rights, and stand up to the immense powers of the corporations. I vote for politicians who will stick up for the little guy. But I also enjoy the convenience of Amazon Prime, and its ability to make practically any product appear on my doorstep within 24 hours, even though I know they bully publishers and give people in their warehouses zero-hours contracts. I upload my photos to Google Photos, even though I know that they’re datamining everything about my life from them. And I regularly use Uber to get around when there isn’t a convenient bus… or if I’m feeling lazy, even though… well, everything. Read More >>

London Underground Wifi Tracking: Here’s Everything We Learned From TfL’s Official Report

Earlier this year, Gizmodo UK scored ourselves a scoop, as we exclusively revealed some of the findings from last year’s wifi tracking trial, in which Transport for London analysed wifi data picked up from our phones as we travel on the London Underground - and was able to track our movements across the tube network. Read More >>

pokemon go
Pokemon Go: How Britain’s Parliament, Museums and Transport Responded To The Madness

Today marks a year to the day since Pokémon Go took the world by storm. Initially restricted to Americans, British trainers spent the first week installing workarounds to get their hands on the game. Read More >>

TFL TravelBot Will Answer Your London Travel Questions And Accept Abuse With Great Cheer

Londoners are repressed balls of emotion who keep their words and feelings locked up on their daily commute. And that's just one of the reasons TFL's new bot is such a terrible idea, because it gives cross people an outlet to abuse a poor defenceless AI. This might sound better than abusing an actual person, but you just wait until the AI uprising of 2025. Read More >>