473 Bin Bags of Wet Wipes Removed From Thames Shoreline

Some Londoners who own wellies had a fun day out on the Thames in March, where they spent an enjoyable day mudlarking for... wet wipes and sanitary products. The Romans left pipes and pots. We're leaving a reef of plastic fibres because we think the toilet is a bin. Read More >>

Cars Win £6bn in Government Support as New Thames Tunnel is Revealed

The English bit of the government's transport division has revealed altered plans for a new tunnel under the Thames, with the refreshed Lower Thames Crossing putting a 16 metre hole under the river to make life easier for the south-east corner's automobile leaseholders to drive about. The catch? They'll probably have to pay to use it. At least there'll probably be an app when it's ready in about 2025. Read More >>

Behind London’s Wall of Steel: Designing the Thames Barrier

The large, stainless steel ‘hoods’ on each pier of the Thames barrier are what make this London landmark so instantly recognisable to both tourists and locals alike. But while people may find it easy to recognise, they might not necessarily understand how it works. Read More >>

Royal Navy Tests Autonomous Surveillance Speedboat on Thames, Doesn’t Crash

The Thames has seen more than its fair share of weird stuff this week. Just a day after having a giant floating model of London burned on top of it, the river has been used as a testing ground for one of the Royal Navy’s newest toys. Read More >>

Deptford Dolphins Symbolise The Thames’s Return to Life

The River Thames, which was once a sort of combined open sewer and industrial waste pipe abhorrent to all forms of life apart from the hardiest strains of the E. coli bacteria, is now teeming with proper animal life thanks to decades of us being more careful about what gets pumped into it. Read More >>

Activists Cancel Cable Car Tightrope Walk Due to Wobbliness

A Greenpeace protest that would've seen some of its more adventurous members tightrope walking along the Thames cable car line was cancelled today, after activists got up there and decided the cable was a bit too wobbly for comfort. Read More >>

London Shortlists Four Designs in Make-a-Footbridge Contest

The international competition to design a new foot and bike wheel bridge over the Thames is nearly at an end, with Wandsworth council revealing the final four shortlisted entries that could get built to add a new way to cross London's watery artery. Read More >>

Architects Run Wild With Proposals for Another New London Bridge

The controversial garden bridge could soon be joined by another new crossing over the Thames, with Wandsworth Council suggesting that a new bridge linking Nine Elms and Pimlico is needed -- and asking architects both pro and am to submit proposals. Read More >>

Lifeboat and Police Chopper Called to Pull Dead Sheep out of the Thames

A lifeboat scrambled to pull out a person seen floating in the Thames ended up rescuing a dead sheep that had, for some baffling reason, been wrapped up in a duvet. Read More >>

London’s Garden Bridge Over the Thames is Actually Happening

The mad plan to build a garden bridge over the Thames looks like it'll actually go ahead, with the £150m project set to be approved by planners this week. Read More >>

Designers Propose Bike Superhighway for London… in the Thames

Here's a novel way of dealing with London's exploding cyclist population -- dump them in the river. That's the idea being, ahem, floated, by a design think-tank, that's proposed a floating bike lane to span the city. Read More >>

This Bomb-Proof Thames Fort Hideaway is Yours for £500,000

This amazing wrong-side-of-the-riverside property is currently on the market, with half a million quid gaining an incredible old fort in the Thames that's only reachable by boat or at low tide when wearing shoes you're not particularly fond of. Read More >>

Charity Formulates 150,000 Population Dream City in Kent

Homelessness charity Shelter has created a rival plan for a new city for the south east, one that goes much further than the idea the government wants to help build at Ebbsfleet. Read More >>

15,000 New Houses Squeezing in the South East via New “Garden City” Plan

The UK's about to get itself a new city, with the government announcing a plan to build an initial 15,000 new homes on various brownfield sites surrounding the Thames Estuary at Ebbsfleet. Thanks to a few daffodils stuck here and there, it will also be a "garden city" themed around welcoming outdoor spaces. Read More >>

The Thames is Pumping London’s Plastic Pollution out into the North Sea

While the surface of the Thames may look relatively clean these days, underneath the boat trippers lies a mass of discarded plastic, which is flooding out into the Thames Estuary and along into the North Sea. Read More >>