Thanko’s Armpit Air Conditioners are Better Than Any Amazon Prime Day Deal

Amazon’s Prime Day wants you to save a few quid on vegan jerky or a Blu-ray copy of The Human Centipede — questionable ways to celebrate even a made up holiday. But nothing Amazon has marked down comes anywhere close to the brilliance of Thanko’s new armpit air conditioners. Read More >>

A Clothes Drying Hanger Saves You a Trip to the Laundrette

You can quickly wash a soiled shirt in your bathroom sink, but if you don’t have a clothes dryer then you can forget about wearing it right away. Hanging it to dry takes hours, unless the hanger you’re using is actually this compact clothes dryer from Thanko. Read More >>

This Waterproof Case Lets You Dive With Your iPhone to Over 300 Feet

If your holiday involves a scuba adventure to some exotic underwater locale, of course you're going to want to take photos to make everyone back home jealous. And since the iPhone has become the go-to pocket camera for most tourists, Thanko's now selling a monstrous, over-engineered case that promises to keep your iPhone bone dry, and functional, to depths of around 330 feet. Read More >>

A Luxurious Mechanical Paper Fan That Cools You Like a Pharaoh

Well before air conditioning and oscillating fans kept us cool in the hot summer months, servants waving giant palm leaves was the ideal way to beat the heat. And Thanko's new USB-powered mechanical paper fan provides a similar experience, without requiring you to keep a professional fanner on staff. Read More >>

This Complicated Deskcessory Does Everything You Don’t Need It To

If any product ever truly deserved the title of 'jack of all trades but master of none' it's Thanko's new iTable desk accessory. It preys on those who hate chaos on their desk, but at the cost of gobbling up a good chunk of your workspace. Read More >>