Deliveroo Is Doing Turducken Burgers For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn't much of a thing in the UK (mind you, Black Friday didn't used to be either, and now look at us), but Americans and meat fans will no doubt be pleased to hear that Deliveroo's bringing it to Blighty with a turducken burger. Read More >>

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How Astronauts Can Cook a Christmas Turkey Meal in Space

Being an astronaut is cool as hell for most of the year. The one day that it kind of sucks when you’re an astronaut? Christmas and Thanksgiving. Astronauts can’t enjoy all the food of because of that damned zero gravity and those dehydrated food things. But at least they get to have some turkey. Here’s how they prepare their Turkey Tetrazzini. Read More >>

A Brit’s Guide to Thanksgiving

Gather around ye merry Pilgrims, today the US is in the throes of Thanksgiving celebrations, so don your buckled hats, grab a turkey, and learn all about this American tradition with Giz UK’s Turkey Day crib sheet. Read More >>

Passengers in Siberia Had to Push a Plane Down the Tarmac to Take Off

Think you've had travel woes? At least you don't have to push your own plane down a frozen tarmac in negative 51 degree temps like these travellers in Siberia did. Read More >>

How Many D Batteries Does it Take to Cook a Turkey?

Sometimes, when Christmas rolls around, things go wrong and you need to get creative. How creative? Well, that's up to your family and their own zany ways. Read More >>

Using Science For Optimal Gravy Coverage

There are those who like to drown their roasts in gravy, and those who like to keep it sequestered to their mashed potatoes. And if you find yourself in that latter group, Vihart has put together a fantastic tutorial on how you can maximise your gravy coverage with the optimal potato arrangement. Read More >>

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How Alcohol Turns You Into the Life of the Party

Have you ever really stopped and wondered — like on a scientific level — why excessive alcohol consumption can turn someone into the life of a party? Or a blubbering mess? Read More >>

Spill-Proof Sippy Cup Wine Glasses Solve Your Drinking Problem

Are you tired of getting drunk on wine during dinner and then spending the rest of the evening trying to keep your balance and not spilling your libations everywhere? Well there's now a simple solution to that problem that doesn't require 12 time-consuming steps. Read More >>