Scientists Can Now Make THC from Yeast

Yeast is an incredible organism — you can thank it for booze! — and thanks to the marvels of modern genetics, we’ve made it incredibly versatile. Just a month after announcing a method for hacking yeast to produce narcotics, researchers just announced that the creation of yeast that produces THC and cannabidiols – the psychoactive ingredients in cannabis. Read More >>

Weed-Infused Coffee Pods are Apparently a Thing Now

Coffee pods generally produce pretty awful coffee. However, a burgeoning number of companies now sell coffee pods that come with a dose of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. So now these coffee pods produce awful coffee that also gets you high. Read More >>

Microsoft Asked HTC to Put Windows Phone in HTC Android Phones

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft has asked HTC to put Windows Phone in more HTC phones. Specifically, HTC Android phones. The report says that the head of Microsoft's operating systems unit Terry Myerson asked HTC last month to "load Windows Phone as a second option on [Android] handsets." Read More >>

Inside Your Brain on Cannabis: Cognitive Chaos

We already know that smoking (or otherwise ingesting) pot causes an uncoordinated brain. Now scientists say they've discovered the mechanism behind pot brain clumsiness, and it could lead to better treatments for schizophrenia. Read More >>