The 100 Went in a Bumhole

In 2016, The 100 went into a metaphorical bumhole. In the span of a few episodes the show murdered one of its most prominent Black characters in a brutal manner and then murdered its most high profile lesbian. The audience fled in droves, the show was critically panned, a national conversation about the wanton killing of lesbians on TV was had (again), and then... the CW renewed the show. Read More >>

The 100 Will End With its Seventh Season

The 100 has had a fascinating arc, from darling apocalyptic fantasy to a deeply controversial fandom piece to a show that’s keeping steadily on, doing its own interesting thing quietly. And now it’s finally coming to an end. Read More >>

The BlackBerry Key2 Makes Me Wish Physical Keyboards Weren’t All But Dead

Chances are that if you’re reading this, there’s one smartphone feature you care more about than anything else. That’s because even with the Key2’s sleeker, more refined design, an interesting choice of components and its questionable BlackBerry heritage, this handset has one thing you simply don’t get on phones anymore: a good ‘ole physical keyboard. And I’ve got to admit that even though I’m much more accustomed to the touch-based keyboards found on every other device nowadays the Blackberry Key2's keyboard is fantastic. Read More >>