Our 15 Favourite Moments From the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films (Before Avengers: Endgame)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken us all on quite a ride. From assembling the Avengers to going cosmic with the Guardians, or visiting Wakanda with Black Panther, these past 11 years and 21 movies have produced a lot of incredible moments. But what are your favourites? The moments that have stuck with you years later? The Gizmodo staff has ours, and maybe they line up with yours. Here they are, in no particular order. Read More >>

Kevin Feige Teases Why Certain Characters Survived Avengers: Infinity War

The instant fans walked out of Avengers: Infinity War, we all started speculating. How did that happen? Is that character really gone? Can these events be reversed? Read More >>

Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi Wants to Make a Marvel Comedy With a Surprising Avenger

For Taika Waititi, something about Thor: Ragnarok just made sense. The character’s humour in all his previous appearance almost screamed for a director with his unique comedic skills to come on board the franchise. But did Waititi, who’d previously directed What We Do In the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, ever consider other Marvel characters his brand of humour might fit with? Read More >>

Every Member of The Avengers, Ranked

They're called Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but some of them are mightier than others. We've broken down all of the official Avengers — minus a few too recent to judge — to determine who should be assembled first when evil strikes. Read More >>

The Hulk
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How ILM Created the Hulk for The Avengers

Yesterday we saw how ILM created a whole load of kick-ass CGI scenes from The Avengers. Now feast your eyes on just how they created the immense beast that is the Hulk, in The Avengers. Read More >>

Avengers Hulk
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This Is How ILM Went and Made All Those Incredible Special Effects in The Avengers

To celebrate being nominated for an Oscar for its work on The Avengers, Industrial Light and Magic, the visual effects wizards, have released a behind-the-digital-scenes look at how all the awesome visuals were made. Watch this and be utterly amazed. Read More >>

Here’s Everything That Was Wrong with The Avengers

Confession: I haven't watched The Avengers yet. But after watching this three minute video that points out and explains all the things wrong with the movie, I might never watch it. I can't unsee these things! It's one thing to laugh out loud while reading crappy Chinese subtitles on The Avengers, it's another thing entirely to hilariously ruin a movie before I can even see it! [YouTube via BuzzFeed] Read More >>

This Awesome Model Helicarrier From The Avengers Actually Flies

We saw the flying delorean back in March, but now Russian model maker extraordinaire, Native118, is back with a vengeance with a scale model of the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier from superhero team up blockbuster the Avengers. Read More >>

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The Avengers Gag Reel Is Miles Funnier Than the Real Film

OK, so The Avengers was mildly amusing in parts, but it would have been so much funnier if these comedy moments were included. Taken from the upcoming Avengers DVD, this is probably the most hilarious blooper reel I've ever seen. Read More >>

Watching a Chinese Bootleg Copy of The Avengers with Subtitles Is Unbelievably Hilarious

Some movies need to be seen in cinemas, on the biggest screen you can find. Some movies need to be at least seen in home theatres, on the most comfortable sofa you own. No movie should be seen using a black market copy with subtitles that butcher the English language like this Avengers movie. Read More >>

The Avengers Marvel Bundle on Blu-Ray Is Your Superhero-Fantasy-In-a-Box Deal of the Day

Everyone wants to be a superhero, armed with amazing powers. Whether it be the ability to see through the clothing of attractive people; the ability to clean a grimy window just by staring at it, or the power to cause Piers Morgan some kind of excruciating internal pain using the power of your mind and some tools, we'd all like a piece of the superhero action. Read More >>

A Look at All Those Over-the-Top Interfaces in The Avengers

Besides all of the obvious visual effects like flying aircraft carriers and giant green rage monsters, there's a lot of post-production work in a blockbuster movie like The Avengers that you might not notice. Even though it's splashed across computer screens and heads-up displays throughout the film. Read More >>

The Pixar Avengers Looks Like the Best Pixar Movie Ever

Sulley as the Hulk and the Incredibles as Captain America and Black Widow? Wonderful. But seriously, mashing up Pixar characters with The Avengers is beautiful. J. M. Walter created this Pixar/Avengers combo and I've decided that it'd be the funnest superhero movie ever. Or best cartoon I've ever seen. [Cartoon Brew via Buzzfeed] Read More >>

The Real Reason the Avengers Assembled Was To Help Back Up Your Files

In The Avengers movie, S.H.I.E.L.D. has a hell of a time assembling the superheroes to battle an alien army attacking the planet. But convincing them would have been far easier for Nick Fury had they all known that joining forces would have spawned these awesome flash drives. Read More >>