Building a Molten Metal Squirt Gun Is the Worst Way to Stay Cool This Summer

Shortly after the Super Soaker was first released in 1990, it became surrounded with controversy about hooligans allegedly filling the toy with harmful chemicals. But if that sounds dangerous, just imagine how local news stations would freak out over a squirt gun that blasts molten liquid metal. Read More >>

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Guy Builds a Terrifying, Gigantic Mouse Trap That Can Pulverise a Coconut

What do you do if hungry raccoons are tearing your rubbish to shreds every night? You can put locks on your bins, or if you’re YouTube’s The Backyard Scientist, you build a gigantic mouse trap with a spring-powered, coconut-smashing arm that reaches speeds of 42 miles per hour. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Dive Into a Pool Filled With 25 Million Squishy Waterballs?

Would you sink or float if you were tossed into a gigantic vat of squishy gelatinous spheres, more popularly known as Orbeez? Mark Rober, one of the Backyard Scientists, decided the only way to definitively answer the question that few have ever asked was to fill an entire pool with 25 million of the tiny spheres, and dive in. Read More >>

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Spread Love and Destruction With a DIY Rainbow-Coloured Flamethrower

If sparklers are the most dangerous type of pyrotechnics you’ve ever dabbled with, it’s time to up your game with a homemade flamethrower that brings even more spectacle to your next garden BBQ, with rainbow-coloured flames. Read More >>