Danny Boyle’s Yesterday is a Fascinating, Complex Fantasy Set to the Music of the Beatles

Danny Boyle’s latest film, Yesterday, makes pleasure feel guilty, but it’s not a guilty pleasure. Instead, it’s an expertly crafted film telling the surprisingly complex emotional story of one man’s impossible dilemma involving some of the greatest art ever made – and it makes us question our own personal morals in the process. Read More >>

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All the Instruments In This Excellent Rock Band Are Played by Actual Rocks

Last year, artist Neil Mendoza turned a hamster running in a wheel into a talented sketch artist. This year he’s pulled off an even more amazing feat by turning inanimate rocks into a talented (literal) rock band that plays a surprisingly decent cover of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” Read More >>

You Can Now Add The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine to Your Hot Wheels Collection

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine album, and the animated film that followed two years later, Mattel is finally getting around to turning that imaginary golden underwater explorer into a Hot Wheels car, followed by an entire line of vehicles inspired by the movie. Read More >>

The Beatles May Get a Ticket to Ride on Spotify, Apple Music and More on Christmas Eve (Update: Confirmed)

You might be able to stream The Beatles on Christmas Eve, on pretty much any online music service you choose to use, according to a series of new reports. Read More >>

The Iconic Abbey Road Beatles Album Cover Photo is 45 Years Old Today

Time flies when you're listening to great music, huh? Today marks the 45th birthday of The Beatles' iconic Abbey Road album cover photo. It doesn't even bear thinking just how many tourists have attempted to replicate the shot, which was captured by photographer Ian MacMillan back on August 8th 1969. But it wasn't instant karma magic behind the lens, as this clip of photoshoot outtakes from the day reveals: Read More >>

Gorgeous Infographics Show What Made The Beatles Great

Graphic design firm Designbysoap Ltd. is marking the anniversary of the Beatles storming their way over to the US with a Kickstarter collection of gorgeous infographics delving into every detail of The Beatles' first album, Please Please Me. Read More >>

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Paul McCartney “Invented the Selfie” (Or So He Claims)

This one's for all those duck-faced posers out there who thought that they had broken new ground by flipping the lens on themselves in the hope of receiving a flurry (or not!) of notifications on Facebook and Instagram: Macca beat 'em to it. Read More >>

Apple Now Owns the Trademark to The Beatles’ Apple Corps Logo

I'm not sure if any two companies has ever had such a strange relationship such as Apple, Inc. and The Beatles' Apple Corps Ltd. with the two of them duking it out over the years, mostly over how the Corps felt that Apple infringed on their logo. But now it looks like everything is all over, and the tables turned, as Apple Inc. now owns the trademark to The Beatles' famous Apple Corps logo. Read More >>

How Much Did Mad Men Pay For a Song by The Beatles?

The latest episode of period TV spectacle Mad Men was notable for something other than Christina Hendricks' silhouette for once, thanks to featuring Beatles track 'Tomorrow Never Knows' as part of its soundtrack. How much do you think that cost them? Read More >>

Yellow Submarine Remastered In Eye-Bleeding 4K Resolution For the Benefit of Future Generations

The weird animated Beatles film has been remastered for our high-definition consumption, with animation experts restoring the film to the next-generation 4K HD resolution. Read More >>

What If Tonight’s Apple Event Was Like the First Apple Conference?

They just don't hold conferences like they used to. Tonight's going to be even more difficult for Tim Cook, taking to the Apple stage for the first time since Steve Jobs's passing. That's why FWD suggests Tim Cook mirror the first-ever Apple press conference tonight...The Beatles' Apple Corps conference, that is. Go read for a much-needed giggle, particularly if you couldn't give a slim-fitting black turtleneck about tonight's announcements. [FWD] Read More >>

Get Your Beatles Ringtones Now, Exclusively On iTunes

Are you a massive Beatles fan? Do you just have to have your phone spout out Hey Jude every time it rings? Well if you own an iPhone it’s your lucky day -- you can now waste all your money on every single track from 1, in ringtone form. Read More >>

The Beatles: Here Comes The Sun! With a Guitar Solo You’ve Never Heard Before

"Here Comes the Sun" is probably my favorite song George Harrison wrote for the Beatles, probably because it reminds me vividly of the day he died. This new guitar solo is finally bringing the song back to life for me. Read More >>

Software Reveals the Clanging First Chord of A Hard Day’s Night

Even if you're not a musician, there's something incredible about the iconic crash of the first chord on The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night. What is that chord anyway? The question has befuddled musicians until now. Read More >>

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Ebook Free on iTunes

Fancy reading something different on your iOS device this weekend? The Beatles Yellow Submarine children's book is currently available for free for iBooks. The ebook is narrated by Dean Lennox Kelly, that bloke off Shameless, and animated throughout, bringing those characteristicly psychedelic musings to life as you swipe. Read More >>