Why Dell’s XPS 12 Is the Perfect Go-To Device

Though computers get increasingly powerful with every passing day, no-one ever seems to do anything about the faff -- staying always-on is a bit of an effort. With the Dell XPS 12, though, you're not only getting a machine that works in almost every situation -- you're getting a machine that doesn't get in the way of your dreams. Read More >>

Trevor Baylis
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Trevor Baylis: From Inventor’s Bliss to Patently Broke

When you think of Trevor Baylis, you think of the invention that was meant to have made him, the wind-up radio. An innovation that easily ranks within the 50 best British inventions of all time, and which should have made him a mint, but for various reasons, didn't. Baylis may be an inventor and a dreamer, but did you know he was also an aquatic stunt performer; an escape artist, and served in the army? Now he's broke, and this is why that's a crying shame... Read More >>

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How the Curta Calculator, Intended as a Gift For Hitler, Kept its Inventor Alive During WWII

Before the arrival of the microchip in the 1970s, a maths boffin didn’t have the luxury of a portable electronic calculator. They carried an abacus, a blackboard, and a bit of chalk on their person at all times. But wait, we stand corrected – for a brief spell in the second half of the twentieth century, there was an alternative, an ingenious device known as the Curta Read More >>

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The Theoretical Minimum, or How One Physicist Rediscovered His Love of Teaching

I’ve always enjoyed explaining physics. For me it’s much more than teaching: It’s a way of thinking. Even when I’m at my desk doing research, there’s a dialog going on in my head. Figuring out the best way to explain something is almost always the best way to understand it yourself. Read More >>

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What it Takes to Stay at the Forefront of Case Design

The breakneck speed of phone launches nowadays has an impact on more than just our wallets: for every new phone sold, case manufacturers have to come up with an assortment of cases to cosset, care for and otherwise maximally pimp the new hardware. So, we caught up with a few of Griffin's designers to see what it's really like for the poor sods that have to design the damn things. Read More >>

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Crowdsourced Transcription Project Discovers (Bad) Cookery Recipes By 18th Century Philosopher

Take a walk through University College London, and you may stumble across a wooden display cabinet containing a human skeleton with a wax head, wearing period dress. These are the remains of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), Enlightenment philosopher and spiritual founder of UCL. And thanks to an online crowdsourcing initiative called Transcribe Bentham, his work has taken on a new lease of life. Read More >>

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The Slow Death of the Three-Button Mouse

Before the days of sleek surfaces and brushed aluminium, my mouse had three buttons. But that central selector has shrivelled into a runty little scroll wheel; the third nipple of the computing world. Where did it all go wrong? Read More >>

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An Inside Look at the Murky World of Android Developers

One of Android's big plus-points is the bubbling cauldron of developer innovation -- unpaid hobbyists who while away their evenings writing code to improve and enhance stock Android. Chances are, if you've ever rooted a phone or flashed a ROM, you've been the beneficiary of their hard work. So, we sat down with a few of the best-known devs to get a sense of what they do and why they do it. Turns out, things aren't quite as rosy as they seem in the happy world of Android. Read More >>

Why I’m Building a New Social Platform

Social network sites are big money. Facebook, with its $104 billion IPO and $1b profit (2011); Twitter valued at around $10-$11b; newcomers Pinterest getting $200m at a $2.5b valuation, and the behemoth Google gaining traction with G+. With these and a plethora of other international and niche networks, why would anyone bother trying to launch their own? Because, I’m kind of a knob. Read More >>

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Making Android Phones More Usable, With HTC’s UX Designer Drew Bamford

Many designers cite Charles and Ray Eames as the motivational hook into the field in which they toil, but HTC's Associate Vice President of User Experience Drew Bamford pays respect to his design heroes by ensuring the architectural frame of the products he's working with are as comfortable to use as one of the Eames's padded lounge chairs. Read More >>

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Harry Grindell Matthews, Madcap Inventor of the Death Ray and the Sky Projector

Many inventors qualify as dreamers, but precious few captured the popular imagination in the same manner as Harry Grindell Matthews. In the early twentieth century he produced a litany of devices that were the stuff of science fiction and fantasy, chief among them the "Death Ray" and the "Sky Projector". But his reluctance to explain how they worked caused him to frequently butt heads with a sceptical establishment. Read More >>

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One Ticketmaster Man’s Journey From Call Centre Lackey to Global Systems Engineering Director

For most people, Ticketmaster is just the gateway to gig tickets. In fact, it's the site they love to hate, as they mash that refresh button until that split-second when those golden, elusive tickets become available, before being snatched up by thousands in the time it takes to make a coffee. For Connon MacRae, however, it's been the journey of a lifetime, from humble call-centre worker to a global director of one of the most complex online systems in the world. Read More >>

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The Women Ensuring Future Generations Can Code

The state of Information and Communications Technology in UK schools is at a low. The ICT curriculum's been criticised by Education minister Michael Gove; Google's Eric Schmidt, and the Royal Society's collective mega-brain. Pupils still view ICT as buttoned-up nerdery rather than the exciting subject that it ought to be, in a world that's now utterly reliant on the things it covers. Last year, two people sat down in a Shoreditch pub and came up with an idea that could turn that around. Read More >>

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Five People You’ve Never Heard Of, Who Invented Technology You Use Every Day

The laptop you're reading this on, the mouse you're already scrolling down with, even the pixels that render the text into images -- you use all of these on a nanosecond-basis, without a second thought for the pioneers who slaved to bring you these little nuggets of genius. It's time for that to change. Read More >>

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Shooting Challenge #15 — Street Photography (Win a Canon This Week, Too)

This week Gizmodo UK is celebrating the dreamers; the unsung heroes that many of us have never heard of. These are the people that work tirelessly for their art with little or no recognition in their lifetime. Not wishing to deviate from this theme, it didn't take me long (about 30 seconds) to think of someone suitable in the world of photography. Mind you, if you enter this week's challenge and win, you won't be without recognition, because yes, we have a pretty damn good prize for this week's challenge. Read More >>