Emoji Movie Star Dropbox Files for IPO

Famously told it was doomed to failure by the late Steve Jobs, Dropbox reportedly began preparing paperwork for its long-rumoured IPO back in July, which it kept under wraps until today. Following much the same plan of action, teaser trailers for The Emoji Movie cropped up around December of 2016, seven months ahead of its July 28 wide release. Read More >>

Saudi Arabia Celebrates End of 35-Year Cinema Ban… By Showing The Emoji Movie

When an entire nation of people haven't seen a film in the cinema for 35 years, just what do you screen? There have been a lot of cinematic greats in those 35 years. The Shawshank Redemption, maybe? The Lord of the RingsForrest GumpStar Wars: The Last Jedi? No, they just won't do. Ah- I know: The Emoji Movie. Read More >>