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10 of the Sweetest Moments (So Far) From The Good Place

The Good Place may be about four previously unpleasant people trying to avoid eternal damnation in the pits of hell, but it’s also chock full of sweetness – that every-flavor frozen yogurt deliciousness that shows just how forking awesome our deceased (and demonic) protagonists actually are. Read More >>

The Good Place’s Season 3 Blooper Reel is 9 Minutes of Forking Deliciousness

Shawn the Immortal Being thinks he’s here to torture us with nine minutes of bloopers from The Good Place, but what he doesn’t (or perhaps does?) realise is that we’re here for every forking second of it. Read More >>

Sob Along With Kristen Bell as She Contemplates the End of The Good Place

In June, we learned that The Good Place, a wonderfully witty series that has sustained its “dead people navigating a supremely complex afterlife” premise by flipping its script with breathtaking deftness, will end after its upcoming fourth season. We’re glad the show gets to wrap up on its own terms, but we are going to miss it very, very much. And so will star Kristen Bell. Read More >>

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All the Best Sci-Fi TV and Movies Coming to Comic-Con 2019

Yes, it’s called Comic-Con, but these days, the biggest news out of the annual convention usually isn’t about comics. It’s about comic book-inspired (or at least influenced) film and television. Things change though. Ten years ago, movies dominated SDCC. Five years ago, television started taking over. Now, it’s a mix, leaning more into TV with a strong focus on streaming content. Since there’s a tonne going on, we’ll pull out what we deem to be the most exciting movie, TV, and streaming panels of San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Read More >>

The Best and Worst Television Moments of 2018

Every year we think there couldn’t be any more television, and again we are surprised. Before we reveal our best and worst shows of the year (those’ll come in a separate list), we want to take some time to honour the unique moments that made TV great, interesting, or baffling—and sometimes a bit unpleasant. Get ready for our best and worst TV moments of 2018. Read More >>

The Best and Worst Afterlives in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The concept of a great beyond, whether heavenly or hellish, exists across so many fictional universes—be they part of belief systems or, more often than not in the realms of sci-fi and fantasy, actual planes of existence. We've gather up a few our of favourite afterlives. Read More >>