Topher Grace Made a 2-Hour Cut of The Hobbit Trilogy, and the World Deserves to See It

Actor Topher Grace, otherwise known as that guy who’s not playing Venom anymore, has an interesting hobby of editing down giant trilogies into single feature-length movies. His latest masterpiece is Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, so it looks like Warner Bros. has a new hashtag to contend with: #ReleaseTheGraceCut. Read More >>

Here’s the Ultimate Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Blu-ray Set You’ve Been Waiting For

Pretty much ever since the Hobbit films were announced, fans have clamoured for an ultimate box set that gathered the (then-future) extended editions of those films with the extended Lord of the Rings cuts in a single box set. Well, you’ll soon be able to — and it’s pretty spectacular. Read More >>

This Papier Mâché Smaug Would Bring a Tear to Tolkien’s Eye

Benedict Cumberbatch might have moved on to bigger and more problematic things, but papier mâché artist Dan Reeder has been fielding requests for the greediest of dragons since the first Hobbit movie. Now, he’s finally delivering. Read More >>

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So This is What it’s Like to Get Burnt to a Crisp By Smaug the Dragon

At this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC), I stepped into the world of The Hobbit. I stood in Smaug the Dragon's cavernous lair. I cowered as the gigantic beast towered over me. The chance to go face-to-face with one of the most impressive CG creatures ever created, rendered using the most advanced graphics card in the world, is a pretty incredible experience. Read More >>

The New Hobbit Movie Trailer Looks Bloody Incredible

Behold the first trailer for the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, the last of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy films. It promises to be a great ending to the epic tale of Bilbo Baggins. I can't wait for that epic battle scene at the end. I remember having goosebumps the first time I read it. And the Smaug's attack... oh boy. Read More >>

From X-Men to Godzilla These are the Movies to Watch in 2014

It's Christmas time, so you're likely reading this buried beneath a mountain of freshly-unwrapped DVD boxsets. You're grateful and stuff but, truth be told, you've probably seen half of them a hundred times before. There's no shame in popping 'em on eBay -- you know it's time to look forward towards what fresh silver screen delights 2014 has in store instead. Read More >>

Los Angeles Has a Climate to Match The Lord of the Rings’ Mordor Says New Study

One does not simply walk into Los Angeles, unless one wants a lung full of smog, a severe case of sunburn, and quite possibly, an enforced plastic surgery procedure. And now a scientific study has found a literary analogue for the City of Angels -- Tolkien's hellish Mordor, from The Lord of the Rings. Read More >>

No 3D Glasses Required to Enjoy This 80,000 Piece LEGO The Hobbit Wonderland

Splitting the 300-page childrens fantasy tale The Hobbit into three, three-hour-long silver-screen episodes sounds a bit like a futile endeavor, borne out in part by the lukewarm reception given to the first chapter in the trilogy. An 80,000 piece LEGO version of one of the book's most intricate locations however? Now that's precious. Read More >>

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You Can 3D Print Your Very Own Movie Prop From The Hobbit

If you fit into the piece of the Venn diagram between "Fans of The Hobbit," "Microsoft Users," and "Folks Who Have a 3D Printer," Microsoft and Warner Bros. UK have a treat: On December 13th, when the second Hobbit movie debuts, you'll be able to download plans to 3D print your own souvenir: the Key to Erebor. Read More >>

Google’s Tour of Middle Earth: LOTR From a Great Eagle’s Point of View

Middle Earth is an amazing fictional world, but if you want to really get to know it, you've got to read a lot of words. So if you're in the mood for a little Tolkien fantasy without hunkering down for a serious reading session, Google's brand new tour of Middle Earth is a beautiful (and effortless) way to get your fix. Read More >>

The First Poster For the Next Hobbit Film is Way Mysterious

The first poster for the next Hobbit film has been released in advance of the first trailer (probably coming tomorrow), and and considering it's for a film called Desolation of Smaug, there's not a lot of dragon in it. Probably because of all the desolation crammed in there. Poor Bilbo looks lonely. Read More >>

Here’s Everything Wrong with The Hobbit

Our friends at Cinema Sins found 45 things wrong with The Hobbit and I'm just going to assume all 45 of those things are because of the 48FPS that Peter Jackson chose to use for reasons unknown. Or I guess it could also be because the movie just wasn't any good? [Cinema Sins] Read More >>

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The Hobbit Review: An Unexpected Disappointment

Before the One Ring was rediscovered, before the Fellowship was formed and before the return of the King, an unexpected journey involving a company of dwarves, a wizard and a Hobbit took place in a faraway land. Welcome back to Middle Earth for the very first time. Get set for disappointment. Read More >>

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The Secret Behind The Hobbit’s Epic Sound

The Soundworks Collection has released a mini-documentary about how the epic sound of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was created. From beginning to end, Peter Jackson's team used more advanced tech than on the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. Read More >>

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Your Favourite Crazy Taiwanese Animators Weigh In on The Hobbit

There's been a lot of talk about The Hobbit surrounding it's release, whether it's about the special effects or about that contentious frame rate, but there's been a certain zaniness missing in the conversation. Not any more, characteristically wacky Taiwanese Animation studio NMA has weighed in with some absurdity. Read More >>