Reylo Headlines a Beautiful Art Show of Meet Cutes

Whether in life, art, or fandom, romance drives us all. We imagine ourselves with the one we love. In TV and movies, we cheer for characters to live happily ever after. And these days, even if those fictional people aren’t necessarily involved, we just “ship” them together. Easy-peasy. Read More >>

There’s a Very Good Reason Incredibles 2 Is So Similar to the First Film

Incredibles 2 is a stunning, delightful film for a number of different reasons, but one that we haven’t really talked about much is the fact that, in many ways, it feels a lot more like a remake of the original film rather than a full-on sequel. While that may sound like a problem, it turns out Pixar — as usual — knew exactly what it was doing. Read More >>

The Incredibles’ Brad Bird Threw Out Almost Three Movies’ Worth Of Material to Make the Sequel

Director Brad Bird didn’t spend the full 14 years since the release of the first Incredibles making Incredibles 2, but he’s been thinking about it the whole time. Read More >>

One of These New Incredibles 2 Characters Is Totally the Villain, We Just Don’t Know Which

Disney and Pixar just revealed the key characters and voices for their upcoming, highly anticipated sequel to The Incredibles. Most of them are the returning stars, but there are some heavyweights in new roles—and, unless Disney is playing more coy than usual, one of them is playing the movie’s villain. But who? Read More >>