The Interview Literally, Physically Launched in North Korea

A South Korean activist/artist has gone ahead with his crazy plan to try to re-educate the people of the North, by floating thousands of copies of anti-establishment satirical film The Interview across the border and into the communist state by balloon. Read More >>

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A Trailer For The Interview, as Directed By Kim Jong-Un

The Interview, the most talked-about crap movie of 2014, was not very flattering to North Korea's leader. Actually, it showed his head going pop. But what would happen if the film had been directed by the DPRK's glorious leader, rather than those American fascists? Read More >>

The Interview To Hit UK Cinemas on February 6th

The world's most troublesome mediocre comedy, The Interview, is finally coming to the UK on February 6th, according to a tweet from Empire magazine, making this the most public tech u-turn since the Xbox 180. Read More >>

The Interview Meta-Review: Not Really Worth the Drama

After weeks of prevaricating, terrorist threats, conspiracy theories and presidential interventions, Sony finally released The Interview on YouTube. Although we haven't done our own review yet (those presents weren't going to open themselves), it seems like everyone else on the internet has. Read More >>

Artist Suing Sony For Unauthorised Use of Her Song in The Interview

Musician Yoon Mi Rae is not too happy with Sony Pictures right now. Because even though the company has aggressively gone after people who don't respect intellectual property rights, it seems to need a lesson in IP law. Yoon Mi Rae is accusing Sony of using a portion of her song "Pay Day" in the controversial new movie The Interview. Read More >>

Everyone is Torrenting The Interview 

After much humming and hawing, Sony released The Interview to the internet yesterday, charging $6 for the privilege of seeing a CGI Kim Jong-Un go pop. And, because this is the internet, hundreds of thousands of people are repaying the favour by torrenting the crap out of it. Read More >>

The Interview May be Coming to YouTube (Updated)

In addition to allowing cinemas around the US to view the now infamous The Interview, Sony will also be releasing Seth Rogen and James Franco's latest via YouTube, according to a report from CNN. Read More >>

Sony Pictures Will Screen ‘The Interview’ on Christmas Day in The US After All

Multiple cinemas in the US are now announcing that Sony Pictures has authorised Stateside screenings of The Interview on Christmas Day. It's not such a bunch of cowards after all! Read More >>

How to Explain the Sony Hack to Your Relatives

The Christmas holiday is a time for booze and presents and bizarre credulous rituals involving an old elf-man and his pack of flying caribou. It's also a time to cuddle up by the crackling fire and begrudgingly explain the latest technology news to your relatives. This week's edition: The Sony hack. Read More >>

The Interview Scores a Perfect 10 on IMDb

A staggering 22,680 users have seen fit to award The Interview a perfect 10 on IMDb. Which is impressive for a film that virtually nobody is ever going to see. Read More >>

FBI: North Korea Was Behind the Sony Hack

The FBI is now officially blaming North Korea for the attacks that have ravaged Sony Pictures for the past weeks. Read More >>