The Joker Script Is Now Online

Reading a film’s script is nothing like actually seeing the film in all its cinematic glory. But seeing the dialogue and direction of a movie like Joker all spelled out in black and white on the page does give you a distinct and interesting perspective on what the filmmakers were working with on a fundamental level – and what it was they were trying to achieve with the final product. Read More >>

We Discuss Todd Phillips’ Polarising Joker, a Movie With Little to Say

What do you get when a multi-million dollar corporation decides to capitalise on one of its most popular characters by centring them in a movie that taps into conversations about white domestic terrorism in the United States, incels, and the ways in which folks with mental illnesses are often abandoned by society? You get films like Todd Phillips’ Joker, apparently. Read More >>

Warner Bros. Thinks a ‘Lot Has Been Said’ About Joker, So It’s Cancelling Premiere Interviews

While the larger conversation around Todd Phillips’ upcoming Joker film continues to intensify as people reflect on how the story’s depiction of a white domestic terrorist fits into the cultural landscape, Warner Bros. is attempting to take back some control of the narrative by barring print and broadcast press access to the red carpet of the Hollywood premiere where interviews were to be conducted. Read More >>

Consummate Actor Joaquin Phoenix Allegedly Stormed Off the Joker Set a Lot

From the sounds of it, Joaquin Phoenix’s behaviour on the set of Todd Phillips’ Joker film was a far cry from Jared Leto’s alleged abhorrent Suicide Squad antics, but that’s not to say that the actor wasn’t prone to moments of classic Hollywood extra-ness that can make film sets rather chaotic places to work. Read More >>

DC’s Black Label Will Explore the Joker and the Question’s Inner Workings in 2 New Series

Though DC’s Joker and the Question aren’t exactly the most similar characters personality-wise, they’re both shrouded in mystery and live for their own single-minded pursuits of what they perceive to be the truth. While we’ve learned plenty about them during their exploits over the years, there are still depths to their inner workings that have yet to be explored. And we’re about to find out more. Read More >>

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John Carpenter and Anthony Burch Are Co-Writing a New Joker Comic

The Joker? Oh, you mean the Joker? No, no, the Joker. Lately, there are a lot of Jokers. The newest one is being written by John Carpenter. Read More >>

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Watch as This Cosplayer Is Transformed Into the Terrifying Bat-Joker

You never forget a face like this. Cinema Makeup School returned to San Diego Comic-Con last weekend to show some of its latest creations, and we’ve got an in-depth glimpse at one of the scariest looks you’ll ever find: Batman Joker. Read More >>

The Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie Is Happening

What once was rumoured is now actually happening. Joaquin Phoenix has closed a deal to play the Joker in a spinoff origin film that’s separate from the other DC Universe films. Read More >>

Gotham Might Have Solved Its Joker Problem (in an Appropriately Ridiculous Way)

Ever since Gotham introduced Jerome Valeska in season one, a character that over the course of the show acted increasingly like the future Joker and dressed like the future Joker and laughed like the future Joker and also had his face cut off and stapled back on like the Joker of the comics, fans have wondered if he was, in fact, the Joker. Read More >>

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Can Joker Venom Be Real?

As long as there has been a Joker—and we’re going on eighty years with this guy—there has been, as well, a Joker venom. It debuted alongside him, in 1940s Batman #1, and has been a part of his arsenal ever since. Read More >>

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A 50-Year Visual History of The Joker in Movies and TV

The clown prince of crime made his onscreen debut 50 years ago. While The Joker has graced DC’s pages since 1940, his look has (arguably) changed the most through TV and film adaptations—and Burger Fiction gave his many incarnations a proper and thorough send-up. Read More >>

The Complete History of The Joker’s Many, Many Incarnations

Jared Leto’s prison-tattooed version of the Joker made a big splash when it was announced — and now is dividing audiences upon his appearance in the recently released Suicide Squad – but a radically transformed Joker is nothing new. Batman’s most iconic foe has undergone many revamps, re-imaginings, updates and interpretations over the past 75 years. Here’s the complete history of the ever-changing face of the Joker. Read More >>