The Lion King Has Edged Out Frozen as the Highest-Grossing Animated Film of All Time

This is what entertainment journalism is, in 2019: watching Disney score an unending series of victories over itself as the film industry grows smaller and smaller. Read More >>

The Lion King ‘Set’ Was a Bunch of VR Headsets in a Giant Warehouse

Long before Disney’s remake of The Lion King hit cinemas, it was a beacon of curiosity. Obviously, director Jon Favreau and his team weren’t going to film real lions, they were going to use digital technology to create all the animals, as he did with great success in The Jungle Book. But The Jungle Book is The Jungle Book. This was The Lion King, a remake of an even more popular, culturally resonant film. What would making this movie look like in real life? I was lucky enough to find out. Read More >>

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Sorry, The Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ Doesn’t Exist in the Natural World

The Lion King offers a number of lessons around innocence, deception, and love. However, one of my favorite takeaways from the movie – both the original and the remake – is the so-called Circle of Life. We all know the term, made famous by the classic song by the same title. Read More >>

Chiwetel Ejiofor Details the Joy and Pain It Took to Play Scar in The Lion King

Chiwetel Ejiofor was at a train station when a phone call made him feel five years old again. The Oscar-nominated actor was in New York, on his way to Washington DC, when his agent called him and said Disney wanted him to voice Scar in a remake of The Lion King. Read More >>

You Can Now Listen to Lion Beyoncé All You Want, The Lion King Soundtrack Is Here

Considering the movie is essentially an unnecessary computerised do-over of the beloved original, why not just...stay at home and listen to the soundtrack instead? At least this way you’ll get all the Beyoncé you need without a trip to the cinema. Read More >>

The Lion King Is a Gorgeous But Completely Unnecessary Retelling

Just two months after releasing a colourful, if kooky, reboot of Aladdin, Disney plays it completely safe with The Lion King. Fearful of changing a single hair on Simba’s photorealistic head, director Jon Favreau tells audiences the exact same story they saw in 1994, making the most minor of concessions to avoid receiving Gus van Sant/Psycho-levels of criticism. Despite the rehash feeling, the astounding hyperrealism of the animals and locations, coupled with a comic pair that runs away with the show, helps The Lion King retain some freshness worth experiencing. Read More >>

The First Reactions to Disney’s The Lion King Remake Are Here

It sounds like The Lion King just can’t wait to be king of the box office. The first reactions to the CGI remake of Disney’s The Lion King are here, with critics praising the film’s visual effects and dynamic cast...although having photorealistic animals sing does seem to come with some caveats. Read More >>

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Everyone Be Quiet, Lion Beyoncé Is Talking!

We’ve seen a lot of impressive imagery from Disney’s remake of The Lion King but fans were wondering what it would all look like once those animals got to talking. Now we finally know. As they say, be prepared. Read More >>

Why Remake The Lion King? Director Jon Favreau Explains

When it comes to Disney’s upcoming Lion King movie, most of us have lots of questions. Things like, is it a shot-for-shot remake? Is it live-action? Animation? Will the animals be talking and/or singing? And perhaps most importantly: Why attempt this in the first place? Read More >>

In the Gorgeous New Lion King Trailer, the Circle of Life Has Never Looked So Good

We didn’t really need an indicator beyond the initial trailer that Jon Favreau’s Lion King re-imagining was going to be a sumptuous, familiar take on the Disney icon. But the new trailer is here to remind you that, oh yes, absolutely: this is just The Lion King, rendered in the most mind-boggling CG the House of Mouse has to offer. Read More >>

All the Movies You Should Give a Damn About in 2019

Last year was one of the biggest years ever at the box office, and 2019 looks like it could easily beat that record. Why? Well, you’ll see... Read More >>

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Watch the First Beautiful Teaser For Disney’s Lion King Remake

We’ve heard barely anything about Jon Favreau’s take on The Lion King since Disney announced its plans to add the beloved film to its long list of remakes, outside of some extremely exciting casting. But now, we finally have a look. And, unsurprisingly, the man who turned The Jungle Book into a visual feast has done the same here! Read More >>

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Watch Jeremy Irons Gleefully Snarl in Rare Recording Footage From The Lion King

With The Lion King getting its own live-action adaptation, Disney is capitalising on renewed interest in one of its beloved classics with a new “Signature Collection” re-release—one that includes never-before-seen footage from the recording booth for the film, and it’s honestly as delightful as it is hammy. It’s so deliciously hammy, I want to pluck it from a butcher’s hook and take it home with me for sandwiches. Read More >>

These Ants Do a Lion King-Like Ritual But With Chemicals

Based on the popular Disney film The Lion King, I assume identifying lion royalty is fairly easy. After all, an elder baboon, Rafiki presented the young lion prince Simba to the entirety of the animal kingdom from atop Pride Rock during some ceremony yet-to-be-observed by humans. But how do the ants know who’s going to be their next monarch? Read More >>