Martian Author Andy Weir Has Another Big Movie Coming and the Stars Keep Aligning for It

Author Andy Weir hit the ground running with The Martian. The book became an Oscar-calibre movie and his next novel got scooped up by Hollywood too. His third novel won’t be out until next year, but it’s already piling up the big names. It just added another one. Read More >>

Ryan Gosling is in Talks to Produce and Star in the Adaptation of Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary

When you wrote the book behind the hit The Martian, it turns out you become pretty popular with Hollywood. This might explain why there’s been a hot bidding war for Andy Weir’s newest novel, Project Hail Mary, before it’s even out. Read More >>

Waymo Just Dropped Nearly All of Its Patent Claims Against Uber

Waymo and Uber have reached an agreement in their ongoing legal fight—Waymo will drop the majority of its patent infringement claims and Uber will promise not to resume development of its defunct, allegedly infringing lidar device, Spider. Read More >>

Mars Might Not be the Potato Utopia We Hoped

In Andy Weir’s novel-turned-Matt-Damon-movie The Martian, the protagonist endures the harsh terrain of Mars by using his own shit to grow potatoes. The idea isn’t that outlandish—over the last few years, a NASA-backed project has been attempting to simulate Martian potato farming by growing taters in the Peruvian desert. While early results were promising, new research suggests that survival of any life on Mars—much less potato-growing humans—might be more difficult than we thought. I blame Matt Damon. Read More >>

The Author of The Martian Is Making an Astronaut TV Show

After the success of The Martian, both the book and the movie, it was evident author Andy Weir was going have some new opportunities. Now it seems one of those is on television. Read More >>

There’s a Much Better Choice than Potatoes for Our First Space Farm

The Martian made space potato farming look, if not quite delicious or easy, then certainly plausible. But if we’re really going to live out in space, potatoes should absolutely not be our first farming choice. Read More >>

That Viral Photo of The Martian DVD Next to Potatoes is No Accident

This photo of a DVD of The Martian being sold next to potatoes has gone viral. If you’ve seen the movie, it seems like perfect cross-promotion, done perhaps by some clever person at a supermarket. But it’s no accident. Read More >>

NASA Needs Your Help Testing Its New Space Suits

As Matt Damon has proved beyond doubt, wandering around on Mars takes one hell of a cool space suit. NASA’s current suits—and suit-testing protocols—aren’t up to snuff, and it wants your help making something better. Read More >>

Here are the Biggest Health Risks to Humans in Space

With the The Martian rocketing to the top of box offices worldwide this week, the challenge of surviving on Mars is on everyone’s mind. But while the science in The Martian is pretty solid, there is one obstacle Mark Watney rarely had to cope with: his own body. Read More >>

How NASA Helped Make The Martian’s User Interfaces Realer Than Real 

Film-makers have invented fanciful spaceship technology for more than a hundred years. But for The Martian, director Ridley Scott went the opposite direction: he asked actual space explorers to help them imagine the technology of the near future. Read More >>

The Martian Review: Smart Sci-Fi for the ADD Generation

Of all the literary genres to adapt to the big screen, “hard sci-fi” is arguably the trickiest. Get too fanciful with the fiction and your audience could lose its suspension of disbelief. Delve too deeply into the science and you risk putting everyone to sleep. Thankfully, The Martian — based on the best-selling novel by Andy Weir — traverses this tightrope with the assurance of a Michael Jackson moonwalk. It is Castaway for NASA nerds and the best movie Ridley Scott has directed in years. We just wish it had a few more quiet, reflective moments. Read More >>