Rare 1932 Movie Poster for The Mummy Expected to Fetch Over £756,000 at Sotheby’s Auction

The 1932 version of The Mummy starring Boris Karloff is one of the greatest horror movies ever made, right up there with the 1930s versions of Dracula and Frankenstein. And now an extremely rare movie poster for The Mummy could become the most expensive in the world after it goes up for auction starting today and running through Halloween. Read More >>

Here’s the Problem With the New Mummy

It may sound a bit funny, but Universal making a shared continuity out of its classic monsters isn’t a bad or even a new idea. Unfortunately, in its inaugural film The Mummy, the studio just managed to completely miss what made these characters work in the first place. Read More >>

All the Ways The Mummy Sets Up the Dark Universe of Universal’s Monsters

Tom Cruise’s new film, The Mummy, is essentially a monster movie Iron Man; it’s first film in Universal’s new cinematic universe of monsters, which will include Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, and other horrors from the studio’s rich, historic past. Here’s the breakdown of everything The Mummy can tell us about the Dark Universe to come. Read More >>

The Mummy is Monstrous, Just for All the Wrong Reasons

The Mummy is the first movie in the “Dark Universe,” a planned series of films that will intertwine the ghoulish tales of the classic Universal Monsters. But it contains zero scares and is devoid of any sense of fun. What it does have is whole lot of Tom Cruise, and a Mummy whose motivation feels very, very problematic. Read More >>

Sofia Boutella Had to Lick Tom Cruise Eight Times on the Set of The Mummy

Sometimes people like to render metaphors literally, and in the case of The Mummy, the metaphor “take a licking” results in the Mummy (Sofia Boutella) laying her tongue on Nick Morton (Tom Cruise). Although, let’s be honest, Tom Cruise is always just playing Tom Cruise. Read More >>

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Latest Trailer for The Mummy Confirms That Tom Cruise Will Have Monster-Fighting Superpowers

Universal’s hoping that its reboot of the Mummy franchise will be just the kind of hit that’ll sell the world on its shared universe of gods and monsters. The latest trailer for the film shows just how different this take on the Mummy story will be. Read More >>

The Mummy Unleashes the First Peek at Russell Crowe’s Mr. Hyde

Though The Mummy stars Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella, one of the most intriguing characters is played by Russell Crowe. The Oscar winner is Dr. Jekyll, a key figure in the new Universal Monsters film universe, and this new video reveals his dark side. Read More >>

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Latest Trailer for The Mummy Unleashes the Monster Within

The second trailer for The Mummy reboot is here, and we finally learn who exactly the mummy is, what she wants, and how Tom Cruise’s character is connected to, basically, everything. Read More >>

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How the Best Rides at Universal Studios Work

Universal Studios is a bizarre theme park that welcomes over seven million people a year. Lately, the big draw is a sprawling replica of Harry Potter’s world, though it’s long been famous for making tourists feel like they’re characters in one of Universal’s many hit movies. The technology involved in these spectacles, however, has remained a mystery—until now. Read More >>