The Queen Sent Her First Instagram Post

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Second of her Name, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea has managed to send an Instagram post, and thus we, her loyal subjects, must applaud. Read More >>

Prince Philip Is Retiring, Palace Announces

After an emergency all-staff meeting, Buckingham Palace announced this morning that Prince Philip will be stepping down from public life this Autumn at the age of 95. Read More >>

The UK Has A New Cyber Security HQ

The government's new National Cyber Security Centre officially opens today in Victoria, London - with the ribbon being cut by renowned cybersecurity expert, the Queen. Read More >>

The Queen is Not Amused By Kids’ Video Game Habits

It must be all lawn bowls and croquet for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she's on her down-time, as she has revealed herself as quite the video game skeptic during an MBE presentation at Buckingham Palace. Read More >>

Terrace Chants Overpower Royal Fanfare as First Ever Buckingham Palace Football Match Kicks Off

Who ate all the pies? I'd pin it on the corgis, as Buckingham Palace plays host to its first ever football match today, with Civil Service FC and Polytechnic FC facing off today to mark the 150th anniversary of the Football Association's formation. Read More >>

queen's speech 3d
The Queen’s Going to be Blazing Your Christmas Booze-Loaded Eyeballs in 3D This Year

The thrilling national address from that old woman who's on all the money is going to be even more exciting than usual this year, thanks to plans to broadcast the Queen's Speech in 3D for the first time. Read More >>

image cache
Royal Family Snapped In Eye-Bleedingly-Detailed Five Billion Pixel Image

The Jubilee bank holiday celebrations might be over, but The Queen's still out rocking around the country, riding the flag-waving fever. She stopped off in Nottingham yesterday where the scene was captured in a five billion pixel image, for eye-bleeding detail and incredible zooming powers. Read More >>