Google Maps Dumps Pointy London Thing in With Other Pointy London Things

A small peculiarity has been uncovered in Google's coverage of central London, with the mapping tool suggesting The Shard is located on a roundabout a few yards away from Nelson's Column. Google's maps currently have two locations for the angular tower, one in Trafalgar Square and the right one next to London Bridge station. [The Register] Read More >>

Six Buildings Competing for the UK’s Top Architecture Prize

The Stirling Prize is one of the most prestigious of all architecture awards. Named for the great British architect James Stirling, the prize is given annually from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to a single building that has made the greatest contribution to British architecture. The shortlist has just been announced. Read More >>

A Design Flaw is Turning the London Shard Hotel Into a Voyeur’s Dream

You'd think staying in the tallest skyscraper in London would afford you some privacy. But visitors at the newly-opened hotel inside of the Shard are being creeped out by the bizarre effects of a simple design flaw—which reflects the view inside of certain rooms directly onto the windows of nearby guests at night. Read More >>

Residential “Mini Shard” Could Flank London’s Tower of Sauron

Love the Tolkienesque Shard in Central London? Good, because it looks likely to get a little brother, standing right next to the city's most imposing tower. Read More >>

Watch Six Women From Greenpeace Scale the Shard Live, Right Now

Six female protesters from Greenpeace are currently attempting to scale London's 310m-tall The Shard, (aka, Europe's tallest building), campaigning against Shell's arctic oil drilling activities. The climb is pretty treacherous, and definitely not legal, but it's all being live-streamed right now. Read More >>

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Check Out How Stunning London’s Skyline Will Look Once All the New Skyscrapers Have Been Finished

The central London skyline is in the midst of a dramatic transformation right now. The Gherkin kicked it all off; the Shard is the latest addition, but there are many more currently in the works. Once some of the biggest names in architecture have finished all the buildings they've started working on, this is what it'll look like. Beautiful, ain't it? Read More >>

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This Amazing Gigapixel Image From the Top of the Shard Is Probably the Best View of London You’ll Ever See

The Shard has its own 360-degree panorama, but this gigapixel version from Will Pearson is so much better. You can zoom right in on Canary Wharf and the city of London; the Gherkin, and even the Olympic stadium. That really is quite a view. Read More >>

Would You Pay £25 To View London From the Shard?

Even with last night's dismal lightshow, the Shard is still an awesome architectural example. Imagine rising to the top, and checking out the gorgeous view -- everything must look absolutely tiny. But what about having to fork out an extravagant amount of cash for the luxury of being able to take a peek out of a window? Continuing to receive a bit of stick, popping up to the top of the Shard is going to rob a typical family of four around £90. Read More >>

You Would’ve Had More Fun Flicking Your Bedroom Lights On and Off Than Watching London’s Shard Lightshow

We're not quite sure what we were expecting (something like Nokia's Deadmau5 lightshow extravaganza? Something like this?), but what we witnessed last night in London, as Europe's tallest building was officially "unveiled," was utterly disappointing. Perhaps it's the media's fault (and, err, ours?) for setting expectations so high, but as you can see in the video here, it was a severe let-down. Read More >>

The Shard Will Blast London With Massive Lasers Tomorrow Night

There's no doubt the Shard is certainly a striking piece of architecture, towering above the centre of our capital city like a massive crystal column. What better way to open it than with a massive laser and searchlight show that'll blast out across London tomorrow night? Read More >>

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Check Out This Stunning 360-Degree Panorama of London From the Top of the Shard

The Shard is certainly an impressive piece of architecture jutting out from the London streets. We've seen people make some awesome base jumps from the top, but now you too can gaze across the horizon with this incredible 360-degree panorama. Read More >>

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This Stunning Time Lapse Video of the Shard Is Like a Love Story

The Shard has been a welcome addition to the London skyline, bringing in architectural brilliance over 87-storeys and rising 306m up into the air; it literally towers over several buildings that just look minute in comparison. This beautiful time lapse video showcases the final weeks of construction of the massive giant and shows us just how big it is from many angles. Read More >>

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Watch This Nutter Break Into and Scale The Shard Before Base Jumping Off the Top

London’s newest and tallest building, The Shard, is an impressive piece of architecture there’s no doubt. Standing almost 310m tall and being Europe’s tallest building it’s attracted quite a few daredevils, including a certain crazy roofer named Dan Witchalls. He's apparently base jumped off the tower four times and has this awesome video to show for it. Read More >>

It Could Cost as Much as £20 to Visit London’s Shard Tower

While the lower floors of the Shard will be chockablock with the usual fast food palaces and high street chains, to cast your eyes across London's glorious skyline from the 68th floor it'll cost you the same amount that a zones 1 - 2 weekly travelcard costs. Well, back in 2005 anyway. Read More >>