The Tick’s Creators Split Up the New Season to Curb Binge Watching

If you’re a fan of The Tick, you might have noticed that the first season of Amazon’s new series based on the hero has been split up into two parts, with six episodes up for streaming on Amazon Prime now and six more going up later this autumn. Turns out, this was a judgement call by the show’s creators, and they had a good reason. Read More >>

The Tick Brilliantly Deconstructs Our Modern-Day Superhero Obsession

I thought I knew what to expect after seeing the pilot and, months later, the second episode of Amazon’s re-imagined Tick TV show. But, having now seen all six chapters of the series’ first season, the show still amazed me with how cleverly it cuts into the hyperdense muscle of superhero genre conventions. The Tick wields more than enough strength to wrestle your love into a big, sloppy hug. Read More >>

The New Trailer for The Tick Shows Arthur in Action and Promises Glorious Absurdity

“Destiny’s on the line, Arthur. Accept the charges.” August 25th can’t get here fast enough. Read More >>

Amazon’s The Tick TV Show Premieres on August 25th

Citizens of the world, I say to you: get hype! The new Tick TV show starring Peter Serafinowicz starts airing on Amazon Prime this summer. Read More >>