FireMe!: A Running List of People Tweeting How Much They Hate Their Jobs

Social media does funny things to some people. While most would sensibly avoid calling their bungling boss an idiot to their face, many don't think twice before venting their anger and frustration on Twitter. A new tool called FireMe! offers a tongue-in-cheek way of warning someone if they have gone too far. Read More >>

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18 People Who Already Somehow Broke Their iPhone 5

Even though the iPhone 5's aluminium backing removed the odds of shattering the glass by 50%, some people will always be on the wrong side of the odds. These are those people. Those poor, unfortunate, unlucky souls who have already broken their brand new iPhone 5 after only a week. Read More >>

17 People Who Actually Really Love the New Apple Maps

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The Weirdest Thing People Hate About the iPhone 5

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