Cinema Resistance to Streaming Completely Misses the Point

Cinema owners are letting loose about Screening Room, the director-backed venture that will allow people to spend way too much money to watch a movie in their home the day it’s released in cinemas—but they’re missing the point. Read More >>

A Terrifying PSA Scares Moviegoers Into Never Texting and Driving Again

Sometimes experience is the best way to learn, but when it comes to driver safety, it's not like you can have a deadly accident more than once. But you can come close, as Volkswagen demonstrated with this highly effective interactive public-safety announcement that it revealed to unsuspecting moviegoers in Hong Kong. Read More >>

Paramount is Ditching Film, Going All-Digital in the US

The Los Angeles Times reports that Paramount Pictures is the first major Hollywood studio to ditch 35mm film and go all digital for United States cinema releases, with The Wolf of Wall Street being shipped to cinemas in digital format only. Sorry film fans, it sounds like that's a wrap. Read More >>

Cinemas Are Planning To Boost the Cost Of 2D Movies So 3D Films Get Cheaper

It's no secret that the movie going public hasn't exactly embraced 3D films with open arms. Yet for some reason Hollywood hasn't gotten the message and still keeps cramming 3D content down our throats. What's even worse is that it now seems that cinemas are going to financially punish patrons who prefer their flicks in just two dimensions. Read More >>

Bonus Download Wednesday Continues: Apple’s iOS Movies App Is Awesome

Apple's "iTunes Movie Trailers" app is one hell of a misnomer: it doesn't just beam down the giant library of trailers we love. The new app lets you buy tickets, find nearby cinemas, and chart film releases on a calendar. Read More >>