Magna Carta Thief Says He Just Wanted to Check It Over

The madman who attempted to steal a copy of the Magna Carta has come up with a brilliant excuse in the year since his arrest, telling the court he was merely planning on examining it to check its authenticity, as he had reason to believe it may have been a fake or perhaps a particularly believable photocopy. Read More >>

Thieves Really Want Hybrid Cars’ Exhaust Pipes

London's police officers are spending more time than ever crouching down to examine the aftermath of crime, as the city has recorded a vast rise in the number of thefts of catalytic converters from beneath parked cars. Read More >>

‘Free Exotic Animals’: Dozens of Animals Stolen From Wildlife Sanctuary After Fake Craigslist Ad

On Sunday morning, someone took 13 tortoises, seven birds, seven ring-tailed lemurs, five marmosets, and four monkeys from the We Care Wildlife Sanctuary in Miami, Florida loaded all the animals into a truck, and drove off. Read More >>

US Police Use Laptop Box as Bait to Catch Christmas Delivery Thief

A man in the US accused of snatching packages from porches chose the wrong house this weekend. Police pulled over 36-year-old Minnesota resident Raymond Montel Hester around 4:15am on Saturday and found a stolen laptop package. How did they know it was stolen? Police put a GPS device in the delivery box and tracked down the guy as soon as it started moving. Read More >>

Rare Harry Potter Prequel Stolen, J.K. Rowling Pleads for Return

A one-of-a-kind Harry Potter prequel has been stolen, and author J.K. Rowling is eager to get it back in the right hands. Read More >>

Unlucky Moped Thief Gets Nabbed By Tom Hardy

A moped thief who ran a red light on the stolen vehicle before crashing into someone's Mercedes presumably got the shock of his life when Tom actual Hardy pelted after him, scaling garden walls and a building site before catching the scoundrel and handing him to police. Read More >>

Beehive Thefts Explode in New Zealand Because the Bees Can’t Catch a Break

We’re all well aware of what a bad deal the bees have been getting in recent years. Simply put, the bees are dying globally at an alarming rate! Hell, the minute they get put on the endangered species list, bureaucracy steps in to say, “not so fast.” Now, on top of everything, hundreds of their hives are mysteriously being stolen in New Zealand. Read More >>

Night Vision Goggles and Entire Land Rovers Have Been Stolen from the MoD

The Ministry of Defence has spoken about the problem of things being lifted from army bases, with a quite astonishing list of items that have gone missing being published. Read More >>

Woman’s Stolen Facebook Selfies Made Her an Accidental Porn Advertiser

Australian woman Noelle Martin is fighting a seemingly endless battle with porn sites to have her photos removed, after a series of innocent selfies she'd posted on Facebook were lifted, redistributed around porn portals, Photoshopped into new images and used to advertise services -- all without her permission or knowledge. Read More >>

An Email Scam Cost One of Europe’s Biggest Companies £33 Million

Earlier this month, Leoni AG, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wires and electrical cables, informed investors that the German company lost almost 40 million euros (or about £33 million) to online scammers. Today, we finally know how: according to investigators, the thieves simply spoofed emails to look like official payment requests, a tactic known as “CEO fraud”. Read More >>

Self-Service Checkouts Are Making Criminals of Us All

A report from criminologists at the University of Leicester has found that shoppers are more likely to be tempted to steal items when they use self-service checkouts. Read More >>

Gang Jailed For Massive Jammie Dodgers Heist

Five sweet-toothed rapscallions have been sent down for stealing a trailer filled with £20,000 worth of Jammie Dodgers. They can’t even blame the Great Biscuit Crisis of 2016 for their outrageous behaviour, because the crime went down last summer. Read More >>

Unfortunate London Tech Hipster Mugged for His Segway

A man bravely and futuristically travelling the streets of Enfield on a Segway had a bit of trouble this weekend, after a gang of men jumped out of a car, hit him, and stole the modern unicycle from him. Read More >>

Stolen Credit Card Data Spreads Around the World “Staggeringly” Fast

How do thieves share their stolen data online? Security firm BitGlass tried to answer the question by leaking a fake trove of profiles that included credit card info and personal identification metrics like US social security numbers (a bit like a British National Insurance number). Read More >>