Top Cop Says Bill People in Advance for Petrol to Reduce Thefts

The police forces of the UK are tired of racing to the rescue of garage forecourt staff phoning to report that someone drove off without paying for their fuel again, as this is wasting precious investigative time officers could instead spend intervening in a Facebook argument about parking outside a school. Hence a man has an idea. Read More >>

Bike Thefts Are Up Because People Have Nice Ones Now

Reports of the stealing of bicycles are up, with the nationwide average increasing by 17 per cent last year when compared with 2015, and one particular London borough seeing ride-aways grow by a shocking 44 per cent. Read More >>

Bank Robber Gets Caught After Using Bank Card During Heist

After a San Diego man named Alvin Lee Neal inserted his bank card into the teller window at a downtown Wells Fargo, a clerk asked him if he needed any assistance. Read More >>

Thieves Skip the Skimmer and Steal the Whole Damn Cash Machine Instead

If you wanted to take advantage of a cash machine, you might equip it with a skimmer, a device which captures electronic information from people’s cards and uses it to siphon away money. Two thieves in Pennsylvania, however, decided to go another route and rip the whole damn machine out instead. Read More >>

Cars are Doomed if They Can be Hacked Open by Thieves

Stats from London's police force suggest the hot new trend in thievery is the wireless hacking of luxury cars and vans, with 16 robberies of expensive keyless models being reported each day. Read More >>

The Louvre Closed as Staff Strike Over Pickpocket Menace

The extremely famous and most visited museum in the world was closed yesterday, thanks to staff walking out over aggressive pickpocketing which has seen organised gangs, some using children, terrorising workers. Read More >>

Thieves Target Microsoft’s Office… But Only Steal Apple Gear

A report in a local paper covering the Palo Alto area of San Francisco makes embarrassing reading for Microsoft, claiming thieves broke into its campus and stole... five iPads. Read More >>