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The New VR Coaster at Six Flags is the Future of Vomiting

Rollercoasters make people puke. VR makes people puke. Previously, we wondered what kind of monster would try to combine these two things. But now that we have our first hands-on video of the new Oculus-augmented coaster at Six Flags and… it actually looks like a lot of fun. Read More >>

The Cabin In The Woods Cabin Is Gonna Exist, and It Sounds Terrifying

If you didn't see Cabin In The Woods, that was stupid of you. It's really great. Scary, meta and pretty gutsy. And like all good things, well okay like all things, its brilliance is being exploited for a theme park attraction. But it sounds awesome. Some sort-of-not-really spoilers lay ahead... Read More >>

Oh God, the Angry Birds Are Invading the UK as Well

Hasn't everyone had enough of the irate avians by now? Isn't one theme park in Finland enough to sate the raving lunatics that actually want to hang out in anti-pig land? Apparently not, as the Angry Birds theme park is heading to the UK. Read More >>

This Awesome Optical Illusion Makes Me Lose My Pants

When it comes to lifts, I can't help but think back to the Die Hard films, especially with John McClane hanging by a thread in an elevator shaft in the first film. Which brings me to a recent stunt by Alton Towers, who's promoting its upcoming Nemesis Sub-Terra ride by scaring the be-jesus out of prospective shoppers at Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth. Read More >>