Alton Towers Sells Old Art, Signs and Log Flume Boats

Ever wanted your own log flume? That dream can come true now, subject to local planning approval, as theme park Alton Towers is selling off some of its outdated stock of log flume boats. Read More >>

There are Plans for a £3.2 Billion ‘UK Disneyland’

Disneyland is like the gold standard of theme parks, and is especially popular amongst the wee children of the world. The nearest one to us is in Paris, and someone seems to have asked why the French should get all the tourism money because there are plans to build something similar in Kent. Read More >>

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Will Stop Selling Women, and it’s Long Overdue

Pirates of the Caribbean, the Disney Parks ride that later became Johnny Depp’s regular paycheck, is finally getting rid of the intensely creepy moment that is the Wench Auction, and the only real issue is why it didn’t happen sooner. Read More >>

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An Amusement Park That’s Also a Giant Spa is Obviously the Greatest Idea Ever

The Japanese city of Beppu is known for its countless hot springs and spas that pop up around them. So much so, that the city’s mayor, Yasuhiro Nagano, pledged to build an entire spa-themed amusement park — although it might not be quite as awesome as the one featured in this promotional video. Read More >>

Disney World Now Makes Toddlers Get Fingerprint Scans

The Most Magical Place on Earth has started scanning the fingers of three-year-olds in an effort to prevent ticket fraud, because you can never be too careful about tiny babies that have only just started communicating properly. Read More >>

Disney Wants to Track Park Visitors By Secretly Photographing Their Shoes Like a Creep

With millions of tourists visiting its theme parks around the world each year, it makes sense that Disney would want to track how visitors move about its attractions to help minimise queues and crowds and also to provide a unique experience for each guest. But does it have to sound so incredibly creepy? Read More >>

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Best Grandad Ever Built a Private Miniature Disneyland in His Back Garden

It’s not just the high ticket prices that make the magic kingdom seem slightly less magical; there’s also the crowds, long lines, and gift shops that are impossible to avoid. So Steve Dobbs, a retired aeronautical engineer, built his own private version of Disneyland in his back garden called Dobbsland, complete with a Frozen-themed ride and a roller coaster. Read More >>

So You Want to Build a Theme Park with a Communist Government

Shanghai Disney Resort opened its gates to the public this week, and in every single aspect it’s the crown jewel in a Disney Princess theme park tiara. But it wasn’t enough to build a £3.8 billion megapark that’s four times the size of Disneyland. Disney also used the opportunity to gain a greater foothold in China, which was not always so easy. A New York Times report gives insight into the intense negotiations between Disney CEO Bob Iger and the Chinese government to introduce Mickey to Communism. Read More >>

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Disneyland is Testing New Interactive Droids That Will Roam Its Expanded Star Wars Lands

If you thought Disney’s only reason for buying Lucasfilm was to make more Star Wars movies, you’re way off. The company is also currently in the process of converting parts of Disneyland and Walt Disney World into sprawling Star Wars-themed lands, and it’s already testing some of the new characters it’s designed to interact with guests. Read More >>

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The New Star Wars Theme Parks Coming to Disney Look Out of This World

Last summer, Disney revealed they would be making massing Star Wars-themed additions to their two US theme parks. At that time, we just saw a few hints. But Sunday night, Harrison Ford himself revealed some amazing new looks at the parks. Read More >>

How Much Would Jurassic Park Cost to Build?

Some enthusiastic YouTube men have done the rudimentary maths involved in the cost of pitching a real Jurassic Park, coming to the conclusion that it'd have to crush current Kickstarter records to actually get built. Shenmue III is more likely to happen. Read More >>

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This New 4D Batman Coaster Looks Like a Super Fun Vomit Factory

Guess what’s finally built and undergoing extensive testing at Six Flags’ Fiesta Texas theme park in San Antonio? The park’s brand new Batman coaster that was teased last year with 4D thrills courtesy of seats that are free to rotate 360-degrees during your vomit-filled ride. Read More >>

A Water Slide With a Loop That Won’t Break Your Neck is Coming in 2016

Before you start screaming in the comments that New Jersey's Action Park was actually the first park to have a water slide with a vertical loop back in the '80s, you'll be happy to hear that's exactly where this one is headed come 2016. Except that this updated version will actually house riders in a reinforced aluminium pod so that they can easily clear the loop without injury, and without any pesky lawsuits. Read More >>

The Secret Tech Behind Disney’s Haunted Mansion Illusions

"Perhaps Madame Leota can establish contact," the Ghost Host decides. "She has a remarkable head for materialising...the disembodied!" As the Ghost Host is speaking, the Doom Buggies make their way into a dim parlour and take their place around a large seance circle. Read More >>