Forget Jerusalem, These Are the Songs That Should Replace God Save the Queen

MPs are thinking about tearing up the very fabric of sporting society, with a vote tabled to see if the national dirge that is God Save the Queen should be retired as the official national anthem of the English. Read More >>

Skyfall’s Getting a Good Blast From Adele’s Mighty Lungs For Its Theme Tune

Following the tradition of putting big, mainstream artists into the Bond-shaped limelight, Skyfall's theme will be vocalised by none other than our pop diva, Adele. Let's hope it's just a little bit better than the Jack White-Alisha Keys duo, Another Way to Die. Oh, and there's a new UK poster to ogle too. Read More >>

windows phone
Themes for Windows Phone 7 Are a Travesty

Windows Phone 7 is a beautiful mobile OS precisely because you can't screw it up. Microsoft created something clean and gorgeous, and no phone company can slather their themed dreck all over it. However, if you're a masochist, try this! Read More >>