Who on Earth Wants to See a Wax Theresa May?

Madame Tussauds, the tourist-ripper-offer extraordinaire, is about to unveil a new attraction. It is working around the clock to try to finish a wax model of Theresa May while she's still prime minister. Read More >>

That Viral Photo of Theresa May With The Scream Painting is Totally Fake

Have you seen that photo of Theresa May and her fellow Tories in front of the Edvard Munch painting, The Scream? It’s going viral on Twitter at the moment. But sadly, it’s completely fake. Read More >>

Theresa May Re-Commits To Screwing The Internet In First Post-Election Address

Good news! The disaster that is Brexit could be mitigated by the election results. Read More >>

In 2002 Theresa May Called Government Email Snooping A “Grievous” Mistake

Following the London Bridge and Manchester Attacks, Theresa May is currently planning a huge assault on internet freedoms and digital rights after the election. In fact, plans for greater regulation of the internet is right there in the Conservative manifesto. Read More >>

Theresa May Calls for International Regulation of Cyberspace in Wake of Attacks

On Saturday night, three men used a large van to attack pedestrians on London Bridge, exited the vehicle with knives, stabbed more victims and were eventually shot by police. In response, the Prime Minister of the UK has called for “international agreements that regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning.” Read More >>

We’re Having A General Election In June

Unelected PM Theresa May has surprised us all by announcing this morning that there'll be a general election on the 8th of June. Read More >>

The Government Has Picked Galaxy S8 Day To Kickstart Brexit

The government has just announced that Theresa May will trigger Article 50 next Wednesday, the 29th of March, which will swing the UK's exit from the EU into action. Read More >>

Trump’s UK Visit May Be Moved From London to Birmingham

Ah, the West Midlands. Home to many things: canals, the Black Country, a bull made entirely of jelly beans. It's also a Brexit stronghold, with some of the highest percentages of Leave voters in the whole of the UK. Read More >>

Tim Cook Thinks The UK Will Be “Just Fine” After Brexit

Apple CEO Tim Cook's on tour, hopping around Europe and now the UK for a series of increasingly toothy PR photos with appropriately noble companions - the latest of which is PM Theresa May. Read More >>

Should We Renew Trident? A Closer Look at the Arguments

The Trident nuclear deterrent argument rages on.  In June of last year, when we wrote this piece on the future, past and present purpose of Trident, the only serious political opposition to the renewal of Britain’s nuclear deterrent was coming from the SNP. The other major parties were in agreement that the future of Britain’s security was dependent on maintaining a fleet of submarines carrying enough firepower to scrub half a continent off the face of the Earth. Organisations like the Stop the War Coalition that disagreed were shouting at a political brick wall stretching from Land’s End to the Scottish border. Read More >>

All Your Internet Are Belong to Theresa May and the IP Bill

The old cliché is that a week is a long time in politics. In the case of the three weeks since the referendum, there has been enough shocking news to last a geological epoch. But now we have a new prime minister, Theresa May, who will be installed in Downing Street on Wednesday evening. All of the Brexit chaos aside, it also means that almost inevitably the first casualty of her prime ministry is our digital freedoms as we’re just weeks away from granting the state even more legal powers to spy on every single one of us. With May as PM, we’re now in a world where NSA-style bulk surveillance – the type that Edward Snowden warned us about – is inevitable. Read More >>

GCHQ is More Than Likely Secretly Monitoring Our Financial and Medical Records

Theresa May seems to think it’s absolutely fine for the government to secretly collect our data, yet still believe that telling us what sort of information we’re powerless to stop being hoovered up would be madness. The home secretary this week refused to confirm or deny whether the UK’s secret services have been accessing people’s financial and medical records, saying she didn’t want to "go down the route of giving information about the sort of data sets that are being acquired.” Read More >>

The Government Wants to Charge Us £25m a Year to Take Away Our Privacy

Home Secretary Theresa May has unveiled the draft Investigatory Powers bill, which outlines exactly how much of our communications spies and police officers will be able to listen in on. As suspected, the government will force Internet and phone companies to store the records of the sites visited by every UK citizen for 12 months, allowing the man to see exactly what we've been getting up to. Read More >>