CAT S60 Hands-On: The Phone That Lets You See Like Predator Is Awesome

Most of phones these days are basically the same. A little gimmick here, a pinch of innovation there—but essentially they’re all identical. That’s not the case with the Cat S60, which is the first to have FLIR thermal imaging built in. We’ve tried the little beast here at MWC and boy, this thing is insane. Read More >>

Infrared Microwave Shows Your Food Change Colour as it Heats Up

After watching this video I feel like the best microwave I've ever used sucked very badly. What you see here is a concept for the Heat Map Microwave, which would have a built-in IR camera on top and a screen on the front, effectively allowing you to see exactly when your food has been heated all the way through. Get this thing in my kitchen right now. Read More >>