ces 2016
Buy FLIR’s Tiny New Thermal Camera If You Want to Spy on Your Dog

The FLIR Scout TK is a compact night-vision camera, with heat sensors capable of taking thermal images from up to 100 yards away. Unlike other FLIR offerings, you don’t need your smartphone to use this one, it weighs 170 grams, it doesn’t need ambient light to operate, and its four-inch length means it’s easy to tuck inconspicuously into a trenchcoat pocket as you’re out BEING A SKETCHBALL WHY WOULD YOU WANT THIS CAMERA? Read More >>

A Simple Trick to Protect Your PIN From Thieves With Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras were once expensive and bulky hunks of equipment that very few people could get their hands on. No longer. With FLIR's new iPhone case thermal imaging cameras are now both affordable and incredibly discreet, which means that evil-doers can use it to see the thermal signature your fingers leave on a keypad and steal your cash machine PIN. Here's a very simple way to thwart that. Read More >>

Force India Captures F1 Crash in Glowy, Extra-Worrying Thermal Vision

F1 driver Paul di Resta made a bit of a mess of things over the weekend, forgetting to slow down and whacking the car in front of him. What made this mundane F1 incident more interesting than most bumps was the way it was captured in heat-detecting thermal vision. Read More >>

A Water-Cooled Chip That Concentrates the Sun to Desalinate Water

Anyone who's dropped a mobile in the bath knows that water and microelectronics don't usually mix well. But at IBM's Swiss lab in Zurich, marrying the two is becoming almost commonplace: microprocessors with water coursing through microchannels carved deep inside them are already crunching data in SuperMUC, an IBM supercomputer - with the heat that the water carries away used to warm nearby buildings. Read More >>

Awesome Thermal Imager Turns Your iPhone or Android Into the Predator’s Eyes

This is so very cool: Andy Rawson has built a thermal imager for the iPhone — and the Android version is coming soon too. It allows you to point your camera anywhere and have an instant temperature reading of your environment. Read More >>

Watch the MacBook Pro Retina Go Hot Red At Maximum Power

I love thermal imaging more than a Predator and almost as much as I love the new MacBook Pro Retina. So I made this little GIF animation with thermal images from Japanese blog IT Media, showing how hot Apple's coolest computer gets under maximum stress. Read More >>

Thermal Images Show the New iPad Definitely Runs Hotter (Updated)

Since it's launch, there's been talk about the new iPad running hot. Well, here's some proof: these images show the outer case gets 5 degrees Celsius warmer than its predecessor. Read More >>