Testmodo Challenge #4: Four Readers Give Their Final Verdicts On Hive Active Heating

It's the last week of the last Testmodo before Christmas. Our Giz readers-turned-reviewers have been warming themselves on Hive's Active Heating for a good month now, with the thermostat in their home, app on their phone and a smart-home spring in their step. Read More >>

Testmodo Challenge #3: Four Readers Sync Their Smartphones To Hive’s Appy Heating

Having been glued to their home thermostats for the first couple of weeks, Giz is setting its readers-turned-reviewers free this week to try Hive Active Heating in its natural habitat. App-controlled heating is Hive's standout feature, after all, making you the Master of Equitable Temperatures wherever you choose to lay your hat. So how would our now-seasoned Testmoders Toby, Allan, Roger and Olly handle that kind of world-warming power? With investigative zeal, it would seem… Read More >>

Testmodo Challenge #2: Four Readers Take Hive Active Heating’s Scheduling For a Spin

It's week two of our winter-warming Testmodo, with our team of four Giz readers turned reviewers having flown through installation with flying colours and now getting hands-on and suitably active with their Hive Acting Heating systems. Read More >>

Nest Makes Your Thermostat Smarter With a New Algorithm

It's been a while since we heard anything new about Nest's Learning Thermostat, the quiet elder brother to the attention-hogging Protect smoke detector. But the company is pushing a new software update to all existing devices this week, and it's using a clever new bit of software to make them far more efficient. Read More >>

Google Wants to Put Ads on Thermostats (and Everything Else You Own)

There's a reason Google (among a number of other companies) has been pushing for the internet of things. Not only does it engrain Google in your daily life, but every extra screen it can slap on to your possessions means one very important thing—precious ad space. Read More >>

Nest’s ‘Learning Thermostat’ Warms UK Cockles With Npower Partnership

The poster child for the Internet of Things push into our homes, saving thousands of Americans money on their energy bills and being one of Google's latest major acquisitions, Nest's Learning Thermostat today lands in UK shops, having jumped through the hoops of Blighty's labyrinthine array of residential boilers. Read More >>

Rumour: Google is Trialling New Smart-Thermostats

The Information is reporting that Google's testing a new kind of internet-connected thermostat, which allows homeowners to track energy activity and adjust usage remotely. Read More >>

Finally, the Awesome Nest Smart Home Thermostat Is Coming to the UK

Home-modders rejoice! The awesome Nest smart home thermostat is finally making its way to our shores this year. Apparently the hold up is something to do with our home-heating systems using a different voltage, plus the myriad of crazy boiler setups we have here. Oh, and lack of air conditioning too. Let's just hope it won't be crazy expensive once it lands in the UK. [Pocket-Lint] Read More >>