It’s About Time We All Stopped Carrying Phones In Our Pockets

For the last few weeks, I've been toting the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus around as my main phone. With its 6.2-inch – albeit curved – screen, it's one of the larger phones on the market. Read More >>

Unlucky Moped Thief Gets Nabbed By Tom Hardy

A moped thief who ran a red light on the stolen vehicle before crashing into someone's Mercedes presumably got the shock of his life when Tom actual Hardy pelted after him, scaling garden walls and a building site before catching the scoundrel and handing him to police. Read More >>

Apple Is Removing Anti-Theft Cables From iPhones in Some Stores

Apple is testing out a new way to display iPhones in some stores in the UK and Canada—completely naked. On Saturday, Apple will reopen its fancy flagship store in London after a year-long renovation, showing off the brand new iPhone 7 without any security tethers, which presumably makes it extremely easy for any casual shopper to pocket one. Read More >>

So You Think You’re a Thief? Just Try and Steal This £10,000 Banksy Piece

The video above is your only clue. Your mission, if you choose to accept it: find this signed and authenticated print of Banksy's "No Ball Games" within the next 30 days at one of the Art Series hotel chains—snatch it without getting nabbed and it's yours to keep. The piece is stashed somewhere in the Melbourne area and worth $15,000AU. Read More >>