Foxconn Employee Steals £1.23 Million in iPhones Before Getting Caught

We’ve all stolen things from work—pencils, pens, maybe a notebook—but this Foxconn employee went a little too far. According to AsiaOne, a former senior manager at the world’s largest electronics maker and assembler was charged with stealing and selling 5,700 iPhones for a value of about £1.23 million. Read More >>

This Bike Is So Smart They Claim It Can’t Be Stolen

Commuting via bicycle can be rough. There are nails and potholes waiting to destroy your tires, cars waiting to smoosh you, and thieves waiting to steal your bike as soon as your back is turned. The last problem is so pernicious it keeps a lot of people from riding, and those that do opt to ride ride £100 junkcycles. That way they don’t lose any sleep when they come out after a night of drinking and find a chain dangling from the stand where their bike used to be. Read More >>

“Da Pinchi Code” May Lead Burglars to Your Well-Stocked Shed

Police in Warwickshire are warning locals to be on the lookout for suspicious road marking outside their houses, as more evidence of an underground code used by thieves to tag houses emerges. Read More >>

UK Dad Tracks and Kills Thief Using Find My iPhone

A dad found himself in a grim and ultimately fatal knife fight over a nicked iPhone, after apparently using the Find My iPhone feature to track down a local thief. Read More >>

It’s Easy to Steal Phone PINs With Google Glass

Not feeling paranoid enough today? Here you go: your phone lock screen might actually make it easier for nefarious cyber bandits to steal your passwords. Read More >>

We’re Not Doing Enough to Protect the World’s Nuclear Materials

US President Obama and leaders from over 50 countries are meeting in the Hague this week to discuss nuclear security. The over-arching theme of the conference, unfortunately, is a troubling one. Put bluntly: We're not doing enough to protect the world's most dangerous materials. Read More >>

Best Dad in the World* Steals £40,000 of Lego

A Lego police helicopter was hastily assembled and scrambled in the skies above a West Yorkshire business park, after thieves were discovered to have stolen £40,000 worth of Lego. So be on the lookout for shady men offering you discounted minifigs in pubs. Read More >>

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Gene Pool Nearly Enhanced as Smoking Petrol Thief Sets Himself on Fire

A man supposedly stealing petrol from cars while smoking has, you guessed it, set himself on fire, with the fireball also torching several parked cars. It's hard to tell exactly what's happening in the CCTV clip, but local news stations in Australia claim the man was found burned, busted by police and charged with arson. [YouTube via Metro] Read More >>

Broken-Hearted Flower Thief Filmed Legging it From Shop by Local News

A Polish film crew managed to capture a crime unfolding live in the background of their shot, as a man walked away from a shop with a bunch of flowers at a suspiciously brisk pace. Because he was stealing them. Read More >>

Identity Thieves Caught By Instagramming Dinner

You might think it's all fun and games when you're Instagramming your dinner before you dig in, but former identity thief Nathaniel Troy Maye will tell you otherwise; doing just that got him arrested. Read More >>

Hackers Stole £30 Million In Cash From ATMs Around the Globe

Waving a gun around at a bank is so 10 years ago. With a little tech on their side, a squad of bank robbers were able to snag a cool £30 million in cash with nothing but some hacks and few old key cards that had ATMs across the globe virtually printing money. Read More >>

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Watch This ATM Machine Get Blown to Bits and Pieces By Genius Thieves

If you're looking to steal money from an ATM, what do you do? Try to wheel it to your house and smash it until it opens? Continually rob people who try to take money out of the machine? Hmm, what about just blowing the freaking ATM up to smithereens with explosives. That's what these thieves did at a petrol station in Hampshire. Read More >>

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Man Tracks Down Stolen Phone Just to Get His Head Kicked In too

We've heard quite a few happy-ending tales of how people have gotten their thieved gadgets back. Yes, you might be able to track your stolen phone with Find My Whatever, but remember you're not Liam Neeson. Let this be a lesson for you: criminals are dangerous, and confronting them is certainly not a good idea, without the police at least. Read More >>

Last Night Armed Robbers Stole Around £1 Million Worth Of Gear From a Paris Apple Store

If you think you're having a rough day after your New Year's festivities, an Apple Store in Paris' opera district is still trying to determine just how much hardware was stolen after four or five armed thieves robbed the store three hours after it had closed. Read More >>