These 3D-Printed Earrings Catch Apple’s AirPods When They Fall Out

Good news! Our most concerning first world problem might finally be solved, if you’re willing to properly accessorise. M3D, makers compact 3D printers, have designed a pair of earbud-catching earrings that promise to save your Apple AirPods from falling into the toilet when they inevitably slip out of your ears. Read More >>

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You Can Already 3D Print Yourself a Copy of That Star Wars Ball Droid

If you've foolishly got yourself all excited for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens after just the teaser trailer (really? did no one else watch Lost?) you'll be ecstatic to hear that you can already 3D-print yourself a copy of that adorable rolling ball droid we barely got a glimpse of. Read More >>

Five of the Craziest iPhone Cases Ever Conceived

I’ve seen some seriously useless or just plain fugly iPhone cases in my time, but none of them have been as nuts as this tidy little collection from the readers of Engineer vs Design. It held a 3D printer competition for the most absured case concepts people could come up with. There are 180 in all to browse; some awesome, some pretty dumb, but here are five of my favourites. Read More >>